How to Draw Armand From Camp Lakebottom


The first thing you will need to draw is a pear shape for the whole upper half of this character. Sketch in the facial guidelines then proceed to step two.


Up next, draw the square shape for the top of the head, then draw his brow bone.


Draw the shapes of the eyes, then draw the nose. Lastly for this step you will need to add the ears and notice how they bend a bit at the lobe.


Add the top and bottom lids, then color in his pupils. Add hair on the top of his head and proceed to step five.


The face is all set, all you need to do now is sketch out Armand's huge mouth and jaw area. The lumps should be on the sides of his mouth or jaw like so, then draw a small cone shaped tooth.


Add the marking lines on his lower lip area, then sketch in some hair under his chin.


Lastly, finish Armand off by drawing in his collar, then draw the arms and torso. Erase your mistakes and you are officially finished.


That's it, you have just drawn Armand from Camp Lakebottom.

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August 2, 2013

Description: By looking at this character from Camp Lakebottom might confused those who have no idea what kind of animal or creature he is. In this last lesson for the day we will be learning "how to draw Armand from Camp Lakebottom", step by step. Armand is what you call a Sasquatch or big foot. He is the camps arts and crafts counselor and he is full of good ol' natural culture. His big bulky looks not only makes him seem half dead, he is also lazy looking. The only thing Armand wears is a purple colored scarf. One good way to find out more on Armand is to tune into Disney XD and watch the series that airs on Saturday mornings. I will be back tomorrow with more drawing fun for you all so stay tuned in. Peace out folks.

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