How to Draw Apocalypse X-Men Apocalypse

Artist: MovieDrawings / July 13, 2017

Step 1.

At first you draw two lines cross each other. Then you draw one big oval for his body and a little oval for his head. Draw a very small oval for his hand

Step 2.

Draw his nose and eyes.

Step 3.

Draw his very happy looking mouth. Sorry guys I'm not very serious. XD

Step 4.

Draw his head fashion.

Step 5.

Draw his kind of tatoes.

Step 6.

Draw the begin of his costume.

Step 7.

Border his head and neck and make some details on it.

Step 8.

Draw his bracelet and draw details on it.

Step 9.

Draw his hand.

Step 10.

Draw his arm and chest and make some details on it.

Step 11.

Draw all the lines black with a black pencil. ( 0.3 mm )

Step 12.

Color in and have fun! Make a lot of shadow effects for the 3D effect.

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Artist: MovieDrawings
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Description: Hey this is a tutorial about How to Draw Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse in X-Men Apocalypse