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How to Draw Anime Heads

Artist: Dawn / October 7, 2009
How to Draw Anime Heads

Step 1.

Okay, draw four head shapes like you see here and make sure the head in the front is a bot larger than them all. Add the facial guidelines and then move to step two.

Step 2.

These steps on the anime heads are all in sync which means what ever you are doing to one head, it will be done on them all. Here you will use the facial guidelines to draw in the beginning lines for the anime eyes. The character in the front has eye   

Step 3.

The first thing you will do in step three is draw out the remaining shapes of the anime eyes on the rest of the anime head models. When that is done you will add some eyebrows and then the noses, and mouths. For the head that is viewed from the side,   

Step 4.

Well this is your last drawing step and all you need to do now is sketch out the hair for the anime head up front, and then sketch out the rest of the hair style on the model in the back. Finish the other two anime heads by sketching out their bald h   

Step 5.

When you are completely done with this lesson on "how to draw anime heads", you will end up with a drawing that looks like the one yous see here. Color them in any way you see fit.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 7, 2009
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Description: I had to make one more tutorial on something anime related that I was working on yesterday. I was going through my anime/manga category yesterday before I went live, and saw that I don’t have a lesson that teaches you "how to draw anime heads step by step”. Yeah sure there is a ton of lessons on different types of anime poses, figures, eyes, mouths, and so on. But I think that this tutorial will come in very helpful for those of you that have a hard time drawing anime style heads and getting them right. There are a total of four figures that will be included with this submission. Two of the heads are bald, so I guess you will actually be learning how to draw a bald head, and two of the anime heads are fully drawn in with hair. The boy is probably my favorite out of this lesson because he is just chilling there floating in thin air without a care in the world. The anime girl however seems very pleased to be used in an online anime drawing lesson for some reason. Anyways, I think you will benefit from this tutorial because everybody loves learning how to draw anime no matter what the subject is. I will also be joining you guys live later on today so I do look forward to meeting all of you there tonight. That does it for me and for this tutorial description. Have fun ya’ll teaching yourself “how to draw anime heads step by step” using this awesome lesson. Peace peeps and happy drawing!