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How to Draw Anime Females

Artist: Kyyhky / October 14, 2010
How to Draw Anime Females

Step 1.

Hello again! This time I'll tell you some tips about how to draw an anime female body. As seen in my previous tutorial, the best way to start drawing is preparing the ideal-proportion-heads. Women use to be shorter than men, but in this case the sev   

Step 2.

Now the motion lines for collar and spine, shoulders, hips, knees and feet. This way you can visualize the movement and pose the body will have.

Step 3.

Then we make the sketch skeleton. Remember to simply draw lines for extremities and circles for articulations. And that knees should be placed at the start of the sixth head! This way the legs will look longer and stylized.

Step 4.

Now the face. Women jaw is not as marked as men's and the face is more round.

Step 5.

Different types of eyes. Women's eyes are usually bigger than men's, and have longer eyelashes. I recommend you to draw the eyelashes down the eye 'cause it gives a better definition, without coloring, of where the eye ends.

Step 6.

With this hairstyle is easy to find out where is located the point where the hair "starts".

Step 7.

Remember that when you start feeling more comfortable with drawing bodies you can skip this step. This can help you to figure out better the shape of the body.

Step 8.

Now to the best part! Start drawing! Keep in mind my previous advices: CURVES ALL ALONG THE BODY! And obviously women are curvier than men. Try drawing the shoulders a little down, it gives a relaxed and nice look.

Step 9.

The most important part of all: the torso gives women their femininity. It starts measuring same as shoulders -SAME! WITHOUT counting on the breast- and it becomes thin -around the same wide of the head- at the waist. Then it widen at the hips. Curve   

Step 10.

BREAST. Please pay attention to this!! DON'T DO THEM LOOK LIKE A PAIR OF GLOBES COMING OUT FROM A WOMAN CHEST. Because they're not! Gravity is against them, we know, but it gives them a very more natural look without taking away the sensuality! Brea   

Step 11.

Legs and arms are thinner than men's. Remember the curves, curves everywhere! Ah! An interesting thing to stand out here is the crotch. When drawing the start of the legs, make them a little bit separated between them. It gives a very sensual touch.

Step 12.

Feet saw from the front looks like a triangle. Remember: even the arms are curvy and slim!

Step 13.

Now erase the useless lines and violà! There's your girl! A very good source for pose references and practice are fashion portraits and publicity! The models are slimmer than a common girl and you can take a lot of different and original poses from   

Comments (5)
lunathedragon09 · 5 years ago
:rock: cool tutorial! THANK YOU FOR POINTING OUT THAT :speechless: ARE NOT JUST CIRCLES! lot of people do not realize this.
JeffDaKiller5 · 6 years ago
:x_x: :x_x: :x_x: :boogie: :boogie: :boogie: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :wow: :wow: :wow:
cats1053hotfm · 6 years ago
:jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: where is her clothing??? :x_x: :x_x: :x_x: :x_x: :x_x: :x_x:
Poisandra · 5 years ago
its a body design you draw the clothing your self
tunecookie20 · 6 years ago
Helpful :hai:
Artist: Kyyhky
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Description: My second tutorial! Where I'll show you my way of drawing female body.