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How to Draw an Anime Eye

Artist: Kerawolf / November 3, 2009
How to Draw an Anime Eye

Step 1.

Draw a simple outline, I use a new layer and usually a different color.

Step 2.

Using a different layer go over the 'main' parts of the eye using black, or whatever color you choose.

Step 3.

Thicken the eyelash are. You don't usually do this when drawing a guy, but I sometimes do. ;D

Step 4.

Now draw in the eyelashes!!!

Step 5.

Draw the eyebrow in!! xD

Step 6.

Color! I'm going to use my ink or paintbrush tool to do this, also I'll be using a different layer for skin. Color around the eye after you pick your skin tone.

Step 7.

Now for the actual eye; you don't NEED to do this, I just find it easier for me. Color in the whole eye using black. Also you will be doing the eye in a whole new layer.

Step 8.

Now pick a color and go over the black to give the eye a foggy look. I used the Airbrush.

Step 9.

Now I'm going to use the lighter shade of my 'main' color. Using the airbrush tool brush lightly around where you want your pupil to be.

Step 10.

Use your 'main' color again and go over the lighter part a bit.

Step 11.

Draw in the pupil!!

Step 12.

Draw a circle around the pupil of the eye, use the 'main' color again. I used the paintbrush tool.

Step 13.

Sorry you can't really see this part, but I used my light color and a smaller brush stroke to make lighter lines from the pupil to the outer eye.

Step 14.

Now to make the 'Light Shine'. I just put the shine wherever I see fit, really.

Step 15.

Ok, now I'm going to shade the white of the eye. also I drew the little pink thing where at the point of the eye.(I can't remember what it was called, sorry..)

Step 16.

Now, all I'm going to do is smudge it together, so that it looks something like this.

Step 17.

Now I'm going to do the skin shading. And now I'm FINISHED!! xD

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Artist: Kerawolf
Date Added: November 3, 2009
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Description: Ok, so, I'm new to this site and decided to make my tutorial simple, I think...sorry it's so long, I hope I gave enough details and didn't confuse anyone.... I put the color and the sketch together I hope that's alright and if it's not then I'm really sorry. Anyway, hope you enjoy!