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How to Draw an Anime Angel

Artist: LapsisAngelus / June 29, 2012
How to Draw an Anime Angel

Step 1.

Start with drawing the basic skeleton. Draw some wavy lines for the wings.

Step 2.

Start to draw the body. I only started to draw half of it because I find it easier to draw something off a guide.

Step 3.

Now connect everything together....

Step 4.

Now before drawing the wings, I want to review the 3 basic types, 1. Simple(basically some curvy lines in a wing shape), 2. Basic (has 2 or more layers, one of them bumpy, and the others angular in shapes of feathers), and 3. Realistic/Overdone(Only    

Step 5.

Start to erase the guidelines and add the eyes(don't forget perspective!!!). Now for the wings I did a cross of basic and realistic so add a lot of bumps and feathers and little ones sticking out...

Step 6.

Draw the hair and bow...

Step 7.

Now add the necklace, clothes and background with all the little feathers about... and don't forget about adding the facial features!

Step 8.

Now erase everything you don't want....

Step 9.

And color if wanted. Now you're done!

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Artist: LapsisAngelus
Date Added: June 29, 2012
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Description: There isn't much to say about this one except that this is my first tut and I hope this helps some people with their drawing C: Oh and sorry if I missed a few spots of erasing and angular sides, but my tablet wasn't cooperating with me....