How to Draw a Wolf

Artist: Neon_dollar / November 12, 2010
How to Draw a Wolf

Step 1.

Ok, let's start with the foundations of the wolf. Start drawing the border first as it will help with the placement of everything. (I don't have an exact measurement so make it as big or as small as you like). Then draw the neck/chest and the basic s   

Step 2.

Go on to draw the proper outline of the head and ears. Use the guidelines to get the slant of the eye right as it can be tricky.

Step 3.

This is where you define the fur on the neck and chest areas. Note that it does not all come straight down and tends to stick out in jagged bumps.

Step 4.

Now define the fur on the mid chest area and add the details to the ears. The fur marks look better if you break up the line instead of having one long jagged line.

Step 5.

For this step, draw the pupil in the eye, the nose, the rest of the detailing in the left ear, and the background. The tree line is also bumpy and is in a random kind of pattern. You can also draw in craters on the moon if you like.

Step 6.

Erase any unnecessary lines and your done!! Now it just needs you to colour it in!!!

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Artist: Neon_dollar
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Description: Today I would like to show you all "How to Draw a Wolf" This is originally from my artwork but I want to share it with everyone. Wolves are really cool animals and they have to be one of my favourites so this one is dedicated to the wolf lovers of the world!!