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How to draw a wolf

Artist: cyclopsmonkey21 / July 8, 2014
How to draw a wolf

Step 1.

Are you ready to get started? Wonderful. Start with the basic outline of the wolf and add the nose and fuzziness of the ears. Draw a line behind one of the ears as to represent the ear behind it. Make sure to draw extra fur on its chest. You may add    

Step 2.

Now construct the Eye. Be sure to add the little circles as done in the picture as that will be the light reflection. The iris should have lines in it but it is optional.

Step 3.

Now to start a design. First, color in the eye with your pencil ( you can color it black later with crayon, color pencil etc.) then draw a sort of a S ( but more swirly) with the upper part circling the eye. Then near the middle of the S

Step 4.

Now to start my design. First you draw kind of a compass/ North Star object like so....

Step 5.

Now you draw a ton of... -I'm going to call it triangles- inside each point of the compass. Then circle it. Make sure its a nice circle, as its part of the design. ( again, OK if circle runs off page).

Step 6.

This is where it gets confusing. you draw a triangle and then keep swirling the triangle. Thats the best I can do to explain it. Do that to all four sides of the circle. sorry I'm not explaining it right. :(

Step 7.

This may look strange, but it is really a little bear trying to catch a fish. This is VERY optional and you can put a monkey, bird, cat, dog, whatever. its kind of like a little free space to draw a small simple... well, whatever you want.

Step 8.

Well, there you have it. If you've done all the steps correctly your wolf should look like this. CONGRATS TO YOU, YOU'VE COMPLETED A WONDERFUL WORK OF ART!!!    

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Artist: cyclopsmonkey21
Date Added: July 8, 2014
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Description: a wolf with patterns in his or her fur. I invented it myself and I must admit the huge blue pattern that I created on its side is rather confusing but if you are not confused than it is really quite easy. Well, Good Luck, and my Best of Wishes. :-) (p:s, sorry that all the pics are turned sideways. Your paper should be vertical. sorry! :-) )