How to Draw a Wolf

Artist: Linkwolf6515 / January 25, 2009

Step 1.

First draw three circles for the head. Draw a ear shape, & body outline.

Step 2.

Ok. Now add some fur on face & chest. Finish the ear & begin the legs. Finish the back & begin tail.

Step 3.

Next, make a fur look to the tail. Do the eyes & make a curved up line for the mouth. The eyes are circular shaped. Finish each paw & leg.

Step 4.

Next,erase some lines,Then draw some wavy lines on belly,& neck.

Step 5.

Now, erase some lines & it should look like this! Now color it however you like! Hope to do more soon!

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Artist: Linkwolf6515
Date Added: January 25, 2009
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Tags: how to draw a wolf, draw wolves, how to draw wolves, draw a wolf
Description: The easy way to draw a wolf on computer. My First one ever done so hope you enjoy!