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How to Draw a Tennis Player

Artist: Dawn / February 24, 2011
How to Draw a Tennis Player

Step 1.

You will need to draw out the framing for the tennis player like you see here. Begin with a circle, and then draw out the guidelines that form the body like a stick figure.

Step 2.

Here you will start sketching out the shape of the face from the side view. This should be done starting at the ear, and then slowly move your way to sketch the forehead, nose, chin, next, draw out the shape of the neck.

Step 3.

Here you will sketch out the short hairstyle that this tennis player is sporting. You will then need to draw in the hint of an eye, and add some detailing to the ear, and make a mouth.

Step 4.

Okay, as you can see your tennis player is almost done. What you will do now is sketch out the the shirt. Be sure to draw out the sleeve, and all the folds and creases that lay along the sides of the torso or waist.

Step 5.

To finish off the upper body, you will need to draw in the collar, and then draw out the right shirt sleeves as well as both arms and hands. The left hand is going to be holding the racket.

Step 6.

Now that we have the upper body completed, you will now start drawing out the shorts, and then add some wrinkle definition to the bottom of the shirt and shorts.

Step 7.

All you have to do here is draw in a stripe down the side of the shorts, and then move to step eight.

Step 8.

Now draw out the legs and as you can see the knees are buckled because he is about to put forth some force to strike the ball.

Step 9.

It looks like you've reached your last drawing step. What you will need to do now is draw out the tennis shoes, and then lace them up. Even though it's not in this step, you will also need to draw in the tennis racket. Erase the lines and shapes that   

Step 10.

Here is what the finished drawing of your sports player looks like when you are all done. Now you can color him in, and be on your way. I hope you enjoyed learning how to draw a tennis player step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 24, 2011
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Description: Eveyone knows that sports is a concept that millions of men, woman, and children follow on a regular basis. The fact is there is die hard fans, and then there is what you call occassional fans. Today instead of making a lesson on the typical player from the sports of football, baseball, basketball, or even hockey, I thought a tutorial on something different would be appreciated especially if it was out of the ordinary. Now having said that, I am going to show you "how to draw a tennis player", step by step. I personally think that tennis players are underrated, and I think it's because the sport is so sedatted. Sitting up in the bleachers as you watch two players go at it with a racket and ball as they move back, forward, and side to side on a long court that is covered with green paint, and a long mesh or netted fence. The player came out pretty cool, and I have to say that I had a rather fun time as I drew out a character in action as he is getting ready to hit the tennis ball. Anyways, you will have fun too as you learn "how to draw a tennis player" from scratch. I only have two more tutorials that needs to go up so stay tuned in to see what they will be.