How to Draw a Squirrel

Artist: animorpher / October 17, 2008

Step 1.

Okay, we start out with a bunch of circles for the guidelines.

Step 2.

Now we add more circles for the ear and other part of the tail. Add a curved line for the mouth.

Step 3.

I messed up on the lines connecting the tail, so you don't have to draw the lines inside. Add the lines for the ears, and add paws and curved lines and the nose.

Step 4.

Now add the details. make the mouth more curvy, add an eye, dots on the mouth, the other paws, and connect the tail.

Step 5.

Finally, erase all the lines you don't need.

Step 6.

Add some color, and your good!

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Artist: animorpher
Date Added: October 17, 2008
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Description: Hi, it's me again. I'm animorpher, just in case if you didn't know. I think squirrels, and other small mammals like rabbits, mice, hamsters, rats, ferrets, all those kinds of animals are the cutest. I hope you do too. So I'm gonna teach you how to draw a squirrel. I took a picture of this squirrel in my neighborhood I feed, aspen, so I drew her. It took a short while, so I hope you enjoy drawing aspen, the squirrel in my backyard.