How to Draw a Sea Turtle

Artist: Dawn / July 3, 2010

Step 1.

In this step, you will basically draw the guidelines for the turtle. This includes drawing a large circle shape for the shell and a few wire frames for the limbs. Pay attention to how you draw the guidelines.

Step 2.

Next you will draw the full outline of the shell. Draw the beginning aspects of the upper flippers and the head/neck. Once you've drawn the shell first, drawing everything else will be much easier.

Step 3.

Start finishing off the facial details and the rest of the limbs. I recommend drawing the facial details first and then the body pieces.

Step 4.

Lastly, draw all the shapes of the scales and shell designs. Please take your time in this part; it can be very easy to mess things up. I would start with the shell designs first and then onwards to the scales. Once you've completed all of this, you    

Step 5.

This should be the result of the final drawing. Check your drawing and see if you got the body proportions right. If you made several mistakes, retry the tutorial. Remember not to ever give up and to keep trying. The more you practice, the more bette   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 3, 2010
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Description: I have a few turtles on the site but I don't really have a Sea Turtle. This big guy is the creature you see in movies like "Finding Nemo". Back in my early childhood, my teacher would treat the classroom by watching "Finding Nemo". Everyone was there laughing while I was silent through the whole thing. The cartoon had some lame humor to me. Anyways, this tutorial is simply going to teach you "how to draw a sea turtle step by step". Turtles were always my weak spot artist wise. They have so many designs for their shells and scales. This type of turtle lives in most oceans that you're probably familiar with. I think they live up to one hundred years old. That might be a tortoise so correct me if I'm wrong. The drawing took me a while because of the complex view that I wasn't familiar drawing with. I wanted to give more advance on the back of the turtle instead of drawing it from the side and 3/4 view. The coloring was difficult because turtles are naturally darker colored. I had to brighten up the hues and make the water very clear as if this creature were in a swimming pool. Overall, I think the tutorial and tutorial image came out pretty nice. This tutorial will teach you the basics to "draw a Sea Turtle". I really hope you'll enjoy this tutorial so please leave some feedback. I haven't been online lately because of the lack of internet that's been bugging me. Thanks for viewing and have fun folks, I'll be back on normally soon!