How to Draw A R T Graffiti


Draw the shape of the "A" well the top, oh and you don't have to do what I do you can bubble it, or flame it, or spike it what ever you want.


Keep making the shape of the "A". In this "A" I'm making a Box type.


You don't have to do this but I put a spade, put what you want or, nothing if you think its not going to work.


Now I'm making it thick, it looks pretty cool I guess and close the bottom and you're done with that letter.


On to the "R" letter, start by drawing a "P" shape but don't close it.


Now make the "R" shape, after that its easy, you can square it or spike it, basically anything you feel like making.


I made this with my "R" I made like spiky stuff all over, you don't have to do it but you can, and instead of making a hole where the circle goes I made the "R" a floatie by adding a "Y" shaped thing to the middle....=]....=[


Now on to the "T" I like making the "T" its fun, well start with the top making half a rectangle.


Now the base, making parallel lines...


WOOT we're getting to the cool part make the ends come out a little (if you want or you can do what ever).


Then in, making a spike.


Then more spikes and its O.K. bendaroo Lou


Okay, mine turned out like this, its horrid but at least you know what graffiti is.

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January 7, 2009

Description: It works better with spray paint I'm not good with a pencil, this also isn't about skill, its mixing it with what you think is cool, it might look like crap to some people but I guess its OK to others P.S. I like donuts!

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