How to Draw A R T Graffiti

Artist: freedompheonix / January 7, 2009

Step 1.

Draw the shape of the "A" well the top, oh and you don't have to do what I do you can bubble it, or flame it, or spike it what ever you want.

Step 2.

Keep making the shape of the "A". In this "A" I'm making a Box type.

Step 3.

You don't have to do this but I put a spade, put what you want or, nothing if you think its not going to work.

Step 4.

Now I'm making it thick, it looks pretty cool I guess and close the bottom and you're done with that letter.

Step 5.

On to the "R" letter, start by drawing a "P" shape but don't close it.

Step 6.

Now make the "R" shape, after that its easy, you can square it or spike it, basically anything you feel like making.

Step 7.

I made this with my "R" I made like spiky stuff all over, you don't have to do it but you can, and instead of making a hole where the circle goes I made the "R" a floatie by adding a "Y" shaped thing to the middle....=]....=[

Step 8.

Now on to the "T" I like making the "T" its fun, well start with the top making half a rectangle.

Step 9.

Now the base, making parallel lines...

Step 10.

WOOT we're getting to the cool part make the ends come out a little (if you want or you can do what ever).

Step 11.

Then in, making a spike.

Step 12.

Then more spikes and its O.K. bendaroo Lou

Step 13.

Okay, mine turned out like this, its horrid but at least you know what graffiti is.

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Artist: freedompheonix
Date Added: January 7, 2009
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Description: It works better with spray paint I'm not good with a pencil, this also isn't about skill, its mixing it with what you think is cool, it might look like crap to some people but I guess its OK to others P.S. I like donuts!