How to Draw a Left 4 Dead Hunter, Left 4 Dead Hunter

Artist: Dawn / July 2, 2011

Step 1.

Ok guys, let's start drawing this total 'bad ace' creature from Left 4 Dead. When I started my drawing, I began with the head and hood, just so I can proportion the rest of the body correctly. Also, I sketched quickly to stray from keeping things too   

Step 2.

To begin with things simple, start with the shape of the Hunter's hood. Keep in mind, most of this creature's face is covered from forehead to nose bridge. DO NOT reveal the eyes, since this ruins the creepy cover for the Hunter.

Step 3.

Then, it's time to shape up the back and sides of the hood, keeping in mind of its circular appearance since it's based on the shape of the head. Don't rush, remember to keep your sketches light; until you want to finalize your work.

Step 4.

Ok, my FAVORITE part! I had SO much fun creating the face for the Hunter, since the resemblances are uncanny between Ezio and Jared Nomak from Blade. You will need to draw the face shape for this thing, and keep notice on the keen details of the actu   

Step 5.

Other part that was my favorite, is the mouth shape and finishing details to the head. Work on the outer shape of the mouth first, noticing the details of the distorted - snarled lips. After you've drawn those, work on the upper row of thee first, re   

Step 6.

Next, it's time to work on the torso, and this part, maybe a bit tricky, mainly because each shape of the torso matters very much. You want to draw that arch in his back nice and high so it looks creepier and as if he's been hunched for quite a while   

Step 7.

Next, it's time to work on the process of each taped part and the forearm that is also being pressured with tape. Draw these wrinkles SWIFTLY, so they come out looking nice and tapered with clean lines.

Step 8.

Here you will finish drawing out the rest of the arms which are clutched to the ground. When this is done draw out the bands on the wrists, and then sketch out the bony looking hands and fingers.

Step 9.

Since we're basically finished with the torso for this thing, we can add the smaller details, like the tweaks for the clothing, the details for each taped area. The taped areas need crisscrossed patterns to emphasize that it's tightly taped. The deta   

Step 10.

Then, we'll start sketching up the legs. This part was a bit hard for me, mainly because I don't draw legs all too well. If you notice, his legs are also taped up, so make sure that there is lots of wrinkles at each sided joint of the taped areas.

Step 11.

Lastly, finish up the details on the tape and the shoes. Take your time, and stray from rushing, now that you're almost finished with the Hunter!

Step 12.

Ah yes, you've made it to the line art! You're not done YET. Clean up your lines, proof your drawing, and make sure things are in top order. Tweaks should be made at this point. You can draw over your lines to perfect them a bit more. I hope ya'll en   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 2, 2011
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Description: Ok guys, I have this cool tutorial today. It’s a dead hunter, meaning a zombie that kills like a hunter. These creepy creatures are considered to be a zombie race that has a bunch of abilities that sort of makes them almost unstoppable. At first when I started playing the Left 4 Dead series, the Hunter looked so much like a character I recognized from a previous movie I watched some time ago. After a while I finally came to the conclusion that these gross looking figures in Left 4 Dead remind me so much of that dude who played the main carrier of the Reaper virus in the movie Blade II. Remember the bald vampire Jared or Nomak? He was the one that wanted revenge on his father for betraying him. The Hunter has some of the same characteristics and abilities as Nomak. For instance, both characters are able to jump these long distances even when they are climbing on the walls. Bothe Nomak and the Hunter usually attack their prey by jumping on them and soon after that they rip at their bodies with the long finger nails or claws. Finally the main reason why Hunters remind me of a vampire creature from Blade II is because Nomak has the same attire as the Hunters. They both wear hoodie’s boots, and usually have blood stained on the fronts of their clothes and mouth. To be honest with you, I sort of got creeped out when I was making this tutorial on drawing a Hunter. Just the way they look and how unsettling their background is gives me the juice-bumps. Let’s not forget that these creatures are also amongst the Special Infected. The amount of strength and how agile this dead being is makes you wonder why they parted from other Hunters. Have fun guys will drawing this Left 4 Dead creature called the Hunter. I still have one more lesson that’s waiting to go up so try and see what it will be. Adios peeps!