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How to draw a katy perry purr-fume

Artist: art928 / March 24, 2012
How to draw a katy perry purr-fume

Step 1.

first we'll start with an oval as the head , and a large on as the body

Step 2.

Now do the ears . Draw 2 triangles that are not pointy , think about spacing ike in the picture . Start the collar .

Step 3.

Now we'll start the eyes + noes . The eyes are like a wierd eye of a human and lightly sketch a tiny block as the noes

Step 4.

Now simply draw a heart as the collar . Also write purrs in cursive as best as you can

Step 5.

Next , almost done draw the arms . They are kinda skinny at the top but get a little thick at the bottom , always in this drawing think about space

Step 6.

now at last its almost finished draw a tail anyway you want and put KP or katy perry at the bottom , thats all for now by !!

Step 7.

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Artist: art928
Date Added: March 24, 2012
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Description: Ok this is my 2nd tut about how to draw katy perrys perfume ,purrs .