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How to Draw a Helmet

Artist: Dawn / February 22, 2011
How to Draw a Helmet

Step 1.

Here is just a brief drawing of the helmet you are about to draw on the head of a male model. The purpose of a helmet is to protect our craniums from blows or trauma that could potentially damage the brain, or even crack open your skull. Notice how t   

Step 2.

This is a drawing of three different types of helmets that you may be familiar with. The first is a motorcycle helmet, then there is the astronaut helmet, and then you have the WWI style military helmet. By looking at the three, you know that the top   

Step 3.

Let's begin, start with a big circle for the guideline of the helmet.

Step 4.

Now using that same guide shape that you drew in step three, you will carefully draw out the nut shell shaped helmet like you see here. It literally should look like one half of a walnut shell.

Step 5.

All you need to do here is draw in a small lip that borders the rim of the helmet like you see here. When that is done you can go ahead and draw the locking strap.

Step 6.

For the last step all you need to do is draw in the chin strap that is all snapped into place like you see here. Once that is done, begin erasing the one shape you drew in step three, and that's it.

Step 7.

Here is how the helmet looks when you are all done. Now you can color it in, and use it on your next chartacter from your own creation. Thanks guys for joining me with this tutorial on how to draw a helmet.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 22, 2011
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Description: I was going to just forget everything and do some other stuff today instead of submitting lessons. But I found a few tutorials that I hadn't uploaded yet, so here I am once again today providing more fun that can be explored. Let's begin by showing you “how to draw a helmet”, step by step. Even though there is only one helmet in the thumbnail, you will actually be looking at three types of helmets in one of the sample steps, and they are; a military helmet, motorcycle helmet, and an astronaut's helmet or headgear. Don't ask me why I made an astronauts head gear, I just thought that some of you space fans would like it. Anyways, I guess the more complicated helmet out of the three to draw would be the motorbike and I think it's because of the sharp edges and angles. The easiest one to draw is obviously the military helmet, and I think you can see why. It is basically a round shell with straps and hugs the chin if a solider decided to use it of course. This lesson is good for artists that want to expand their drawing capabilities as far as making headgear for characters and other figures go. I know it’s not the most exciting lesson in the world, but you have to keep in mind that everyone deserves to have their requests filled even if they seem a little boring. Even if you think that drawing a helmet is bogus, you should try it out anyway because you never know, you just might find some use to learning a skill that enables you to draw a helmet when ever you need to. That’s it for this tutorial description, I will be back later with some more drawing fun so stay tuned in to see whats next!