How to Draw a Halloween Girl, Halloween Girl


Start off by making a simple circle for the head and then draw in the face guide as well as the body guide.


Thicken a line for the shape of the girl's face, and then begin sketching out the side bang style hairdo. The chunks should be long, wide, and sort of wavy like you see here.


It's not often that I give my girls or chibi girl characters short hair. In this design I think the short hair really works for this style for Halloween. Draw in a cute pumpkin top like so, and then be sure to add enough wavy and detail to her hair s   


It's now time to start drawing out the eyes. Use the facial guideline that you drew in step one to ensure that the eyes get drawn evenly. Make the top lids thick, and bold and then draw out the eyeballs. Sketch in the eyebrows and then her mouth.


It's now time to start drawing out the body. Start by making a neck, and then sketch out the torso in the form of a tourniquet style top. Sketch in some ruffle lines on the sleeves and draw in the crisscross laces too.


Now draw out the ruffled skirt that is without a doubt puffed out by a lace slip. Draw in each ruffle like so, and lastly her arms.


Draw the legs and be sure to flare out the bottom of each leg for the boot style. Lace up the boots and then begin cleaning up the drawing to perfection.


Here is what your very pretty Halloween girl looks like when you are done. Now you can have a blast choosing your own color scheme as you color in your newly drawn character.

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September 30, 2017

Description: Ok ya'll, Halloween is almost here and I'm getting prepared with plenty of seasonal Halloween tuts! For the next 3 weeks, we'll be dippin' in on some cool tutorials with the Autumn feel. Drawn in Livestream; I created one of the first characters for my Halloween chibis series. This one is a pumpkin costumed girl that's ready to stash some candy and pranks for folks who hide from the trick or treaters. Lots of people have watched me in livestream drawing this cute chibi-fied girl, so that means, more to come! If you have a suggestion for a Halloween themed character, please leave a comment below or request using the request page. I'm definitely looking forward to the future tutorials because Halloween is my absolutely favorite season of the year (besides Christmas). Anyways, please indulge yourself on this tutorial, the next will be a bat themed costumed girl. Remember to send your requests my direction if you want certain things done by me. Thank you all so much for watching me on Livestream that night and I hope this tutorial captivates your interest. Peace out and happy Halloween, folks!

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