How to Draw Feraligatr, Feraligatr


Ok, let's begin with the basic guidelines for Feraligatr. Take your time with this step since your concentration depends on it. Trace over a cup or other circular object to get perfect circles.


Then, we will start morphing a snout and head for Feraligatr. Take care where you place each line so you have a better shot at proportioning. Keep flow to the guidelines and try to measure how far apart each line is.


Working the details to form facials, you should have something similar to this as you sketch his face step by step. Feraligatr from this view has only 3 teeth showing from his mouth. Same amounts goes to the other side of his face.


To complete the head, we will draw the backing and spines that rise from each cornered joint. Notice each spike has only 3 spades...Quickly sketch the spine lines one by one.


Let's proceed onto the arms and hands for this Pokemon. We've yet to sketch in the details for claws as well as some missing large skin patches.


Then, we shall sketch the stomach area as well as the fingernails. Remember to ease with the time you have to draw each detail and shape accurately.


Proceeding onto the knees and feet, we will draw each arch of the knee completely the same dimension as the right leg. Notice if you created a perfect curve from one knee to the next, they are aligned similarly.


Finish off by sketching in the tail and a faint hedge of spine. Again, each spine as three tips each, no matter the size.


With further cleanup and proportion checking, you should have something similar to this. I had so much fun with this drawing tutorial and it's been requested by a few members of DragoArt recently. Thanks for viewing and stay tuned for more fun tuts!!

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October 15, 2011

Description: Let’s take a break for a minute from the typical stuff that I have been putting out there and do something that we haven’t seen on the site for a while, another tutorial on a Pokemon figure in regular form. Here is how to draw Feraligatr, step by step and if you notice this is a water type species which is available after it evolves from Croconaw. Its original form is in fact Totodile and even though there a significant size difference, you can clearly see that this beast came from Totodile. Anyways, this particular species is considered to be big, starky, and they walk on their hind legs which make them bipedal. The can be described as being blue in color with red colored three prong spikes in separate sections. Feraligatr’s also have long sharp claws on their hand and feet, and they sort of look like a blue version of a very old Godzilla creation from back in the day. Anyways their abilities vary from locking jaws, and brute strength and power which make them a very difficult opponent to take on and beat. Don’t get your hopes up if you’re a Pokémon trainer because these bad beasts are hard to find in the wild. In fact, they are considered to be extremely rare. If you wanted to go looking for one, your best bet is to search near water. I guess that’s about all I can say about this Pokémon. It is now your turn to get busy as you draw Feraligatr to add another species to your Pokémon sketch book. I will be back soon so hang in there folks, the day is not through yet.

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