How to Draw a Freesia

Artist: Dawn / April 4, 2012

Step 1.

Start by making a small, dented heart shape like so. This will be the first of the freesia flower petals.

Step 2.

You will then make two more petals in the form of oblong hoops like so. This is a very delicate looking bloom, so make sure to draw the petals that way.

Step 3.

Add two more petals on the side of the flower's bloom like so, then move along to step four.

Step 4.

Sketch in some detailing on the petals, then begin drawing the stamen in the center like so. These stamen are very thin unlike the lily flower.

Step 5.

Next and lastly, you will draw the stem of the flower which is also attached to a thick branch like arm. Add detailing where needed like so, then begin cleaning up your drawing.

Step 6.

Here is your freesia flower when you are all done. Color her in using one of the shaped that I mentioned in the lesson's description.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 4, 2012
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Description: Another spring time flower that I just had to go and do is the very pretty freesia. Today I will be filling a request by making a lesson on "how to draw a freesia", step by step. These flowers are popular for their incredibly fragrant scent, as well as their pretty white or yellow blooms. There are fourteen different species of freesia, and all of them originated from Africa. These flowers are enjoyed in full bloom where they are cut and displayed in a vase of water as they are used for table settings, as well as bouquets. The flower was named after a doctor from Kiel Germany named Dr. Freese. Not only can you find these beautiful spring flowers in white and yellow, they also come in orange, red, pink, mauve, lavender, purple and even as a bi-color mixture. Another fun fact about the freesia flower; because they smell so wonderful, their oils are used in a variety of perfumes, as well as in bath oils and beads. The bloom itself is simple enough to recreate so I'm confident that you will enjoy drawing a freesia. You can make as many as you want, it's all based on preference. Well, that will do for now. I will be back later with some more drawing fun so stay tuned gang because like always I will return.