How to Draw a Princess for Kids


Let us first draw some shapes that will create or form a weird mannequin. Make a large circle for the head and then draw out the shape of the body.


Thicken and shape of the lining for the princess' face like you see here and then draw in her parted hairline which should also be a bit wavy.


Now it's time to draw out the shapes of the eyes and then draw in the thick bold eyelids. Notice how the end of the right eye is wising by her face.


Color in some pupils and then draw out the actual shape of her eyes. You will end this step by adding the eyebrows, and then make a small smile for her mouth.


You can now draw out the three pronged crown, and then add one jewel in the center like you see here.


Draw out her long puffy curly hair like you see in this step, and notice when you sketch out her long locks, the ends should curl inside of the hair.


Draw out the entire outline of her body which is in a shapely form. You will need to draw out her neck line like so, and then move to step eight.


Draw out her arms, and then draw in the V lining of her dress. You will then draw out the lines that adds definition to her dress. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one, and then you are all ready to see how she looks.


Look how purrty she looks. Color her in, and then you have yourself a brand new drawing on a princess for kids.

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July 2, 2011

Description: Hey all welcome back to my dwellings and to another simple, fun, and cute lesson. This will be the last tutorial by me that will be going up today. There are other submissions that will be hitting the front page soon so get those pencils ready because right now we are going to learn to "draw a princess for kids", step by step. I know many of you have an idea as to how a princess should look, but don’t forget guys there are people out there that are starting the joy of drawing today which means these brand new novice artists, are going to need all the help they can get. When I end each one of the lessons that are labeled ‘for kids’ I’m basically putting up a tutorial that is easy enough for a kid to tackle and recreate. Princesses are one of my little seven year old sister’s favorite things to draw. This is why I wanted to make something that she could learn from without asking me a bunch of questions in the process. This princess sort of looks like Princess Peach; I purposely made her look this way because I know how much and how many kids all over the world know who she is. If you decide that you want to try your skills at drawing a princess for kids, be sure to try and submit your works for everyone else to see. Remember, both positive and negative feedback helps an artist become great because you can fix errors that others can see but you can’t. I hope you all enjoyed this drawing day. Be sure to come back tomorrow for another exciting experience. You always know you’re going to have fun when you come to!

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