How to Draw a Cute Bunny

Artist: animorpher / November 23, 2008

Step 1.

Okay, let's start with the basic guideline, a bunch of circles for the head and body and a couple curved lines on top of the smaller circle for the ears.

Step 2.

Now we begin to ***lightly!*** sketch and shape the bunny's ears.

Step 3.

Again, sketch and shape the back of the bunny's body and draw the first eye.

Step 4.

Next, sketch and shape the bunny's head and it's mouth.

Step 5.

Finish sketching and shaping the rest of the bunny's head and body.

Step 6.

Draw the inside of the bunny's ear. (let's name the bunny Fluffy so he doesn't fell left out) Shape out the other side of Fluffy's head and draw some dots to show where the whiskers are gonna be.

Step 7.

As soon as your finished with the last step, sketch his whiskers, and his paws.

Step 8.

Finally, add his claws.

Step 9.

This is what your finished adorable, cute bunny named Fluffy should look like when your done. I hope ya'll had a great time drawing this little puffball of joy. Till next time, have a ball of fun with your new finished bunny!

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Artist: animorpher
Date Added: November 23, 2008
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Description: Okay, I'm gonna teach you how to draw a cute little bunny today. If anyone has a suggestion for an animal or cartoon tutorial, email me at I hope I get good ones. Well, I hope you enjoy the tutorial!