How to Draw a Crow


Do you know the difference between a crow and a raven? Ravens are much larger than crows, and, they have longer beaks. 1) A crow's upper beak is half full with feathers. The feathers are tapered and whisked, so it's best to keep them that way. The lo   


A raven's wing span is much larger than a crows. People get confused when trying to define the differences between the two. Here are two wings in different actions of a crow. One is normal and the other is what the wings should look when in flight. N   


These feathers, which look very similar to scales, are applied on areas all over the body and the head of the wings. Take your time and evaluate where you'll be placing these types of feathers on your bird. Don't add too much! You don't want your rav   


You will be drawing a crow in flight so lets start by making a circle for the head, and then draw in the shape of the body, and the wing guidelines.


Here you will draw out the wings so they look like the outline of a pair of wings in flight.


Now in step six you will be drawing out the head, beak, chest, and belly of the bird. When this step is done, you can move to step seven. So far this is a simple tutorial.


All you need to do now is draw in the tongue, and then sketch out the feather line that separates the head from the beak. You will also need to draw in and color an eye and add some feather detailing.


Now that you have the head and most of the body drawn in, you can now start sketching out the wings like you see here. When you draw out the wings be sure to separate the feather tips like you see here.


Now you will continue to sketch out the edging of the wings like you see here and be sure to draw each father along the edging. Next, draw out some of the tail, and then add some feathery detailing to the wings as well.


Now finish sketching out the rest of the body and the tail like so, and then sketch in the small feathers that is scattered all over the body.


All you have to do here is draw out the leg and some of the clawed foot. When this is done move to the last drawing step.


Finally draw out the other leg, and then both of the clawed feet and or toes. When you are all done with that you can start erasing the lines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your crow drawing.


Now you are all done. Just color it in, and you have yourself a finished drawing lesson on how to draw a crow.

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February 13, 2011

Description: Birds, birds, and even more birds, is what we will be working on today. There is a bird that is known by two names, a raven, and a crow. This is not going to be the first raven or crow that I will be making a lesson out of. The fact is I have a cartoon crow, and a raven that can be found in the bird section under the animal’s category. So today I will teach you once again "how to draw a crow", step by step. I really wanted to make another crow lesson because there really isn’t too many helpful tips that can teach you how to make a crow the right way. Hopefully this tutorial is going to show you how it’s done, and when you are finished, you will have the ability to making a perfect crow in flight. This bird species is nothing more than a scavenger bird, but that doesn’t mean we have to draw them to appear that way. I started being an admirer of the crow when the movie The Crow was released or when I first seen the flick. After that, I thought they were incredibly cool birds that had the ability to become something more. I hope you like this tutorial on "how to draw a crow", especially since there are helpful tips, and examples included before you actually get to the lesson. Peace out people, and be sure to have a fun drawing day.

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