How to Draw a Cartoon Owl

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The first thing to do when drawing a cartoon owl is draw out the head shape which looks like an egg. Next add the facial guidelines and then draw a body circle shape which is a bit larger than the head shape.


Now you will draw the sides of the cartoon owls face which is rounded feather shapes. Once that is done use the facial guidelines you drew in step one to draw out the owl eyes as you see here. Be sure to color in the pupils.


You will now sketch out the actual shape of the owl's head which in this case it looks a bit flat on top. draw the busy feathered eyebrows and then an almond shapes nose and or beak. Draw the shape of the body or torso for your cartoon owl and then m   


Sketch out the shape and position of your cartoon owl's wings as you see here. Layer the lines to make the wings look full and attractive. When that is done draw an inner circle for the belly.


Here is your last drawing step and as you can see the only thing left to do here is draw out the cartoon owl's feet. He has three toes and three toe nails that need to be sketched in. One that is done you can detail and define the feet to make them l   


When you are done your bird should look like the one you see here. Color in the owl and you have finished your very own lesson on "how to draw a cartoon owl" step by step.

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August 7, 2009

Description: Another cartoon animal coming your way and I think you will all be pleased with it because it came out looking very cute, neat and detailed. I will be showing you “how to draw a cartoon owl", step by step. The owl is a very peculiar type of bird because it is often quite and out of site. If you see an owl your first reaction will be like “Oh my god, I just saw an owl”. I mean at least for me that would be my reaction because I have never seen one of these birds in the flesh before, not even at a zoo for crying out loud. The owl is a nocturnal creature and like the bat they prey on field mice and other rodents. I wanted to do a lesson on a cartoon version owl because I already have a cool tutorial on a more realistic type of owl. The drawing was wicked easy to do because there is no spread of wings, just a simple quite looking bird that is sitting minding its own business. Anyway, you can go ahead and color in your owl any shade you like. I stuck to the typical coloring concept because this is supposed to be a simple type of lesson. I will be back with at least one more cartoon animal for the day so stay tuned in to see what is coming your way next. While you wait try this lesson on for size and teach yourself “how to draw a cartoon owl step by step”. Peace out folks and happy drawing.

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