How to Draw a Cartoon Bat


The first five steps are helpful tips on how the bat is drawn and what is what, and it also gives you some cool facts about the bat in general.


Same as the first tutorial, except I talk about the cool vampire bat. All you have to do is enlarge the step and read further.


Here is a cool tip about the ears of a bat and I know when you are done reading this tutorial step you would have learned something new.


This is a few multiple poses that a bat will typically be seen doing. Read along by enlarging the step to read what it says.


How about a cool tip on the drawing process of the cartoon bats winged hands? If you read closer you will see exactly what I talk about when it comes to drawing cartoon bat hands.


Now here is where the tutorial starts. Draw a series of circles for the cartoon bats head, body and ears. When that is done you can then draw out the guidelines for the face, and wings.


Now you will start sketching out the face on all of the cartoon bat steps that you see here. This includes the ears, eyes, mouth, and noses. When that is done you will start sketching out the bat ear and the cartoon bat's winged hand.


You will start sketching out the fury hair that surrounds the bats head, and body as you see it drawn out for you here. When you sketch in the bats fur, you will start drawing in the eyes, arms, and some of the ear detailing as well. The two bats in    


Thicken the shape of the bat wings for the cartoons bats that are in flight. When that is done you can sketch out the rest of the bats fluffy looking body which includes the feet in the bat on the bottom. The ear tutorial is already done at this poin   


This is your last drawing step and all you need to do is finish the lining for the bats membrane that makes up the wings. Erase all the guidelines and shapes in each tutorial and then you can move to the line art step to see how your sketch should lo   


Here is what your finished sketch of the bat you just drew should look like when you are done learning "how to draw a cartoon bat step by step". You can choose to draw all of these poses, or just choose one or two, your choice. Color in the bats and    

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July 24, 2009

Description: Hello once again folks and welcome back to where the drawing fun never ends. I am going to do a very detailed tutorial today on a bat. Not just any bat though, I am going to show you “how to draw a cartoon bat”, step by step. The cartoon bat is a very versatile animal to draw because you can make them as big or as small as you like. They can come in different sizes and shapes, forms and creations. There is so many different type of bat specie out there that choosing one to draw and make a cartoon out of is complex. So what I did was make two variations of the two bats I like the most, a fruit bat and a vampire bat. The fruit bat is the friendly looking bat that this cartoon tutorial is drawn out of. The vampire bat is only seen in one of the steps that give you good tips and details on how to draw a bat period. I love the way this tutorial came out because it shows you different perspectives on how the cartoon bat can be drawn out. The lesson itself contains multiple positions for the bat and I think you will find this tutorial most helpful if you always wanted to learn “how to draw a cartoon bat” the right way. I will be back in a while with more drawing fun so stay tuned in for that, and later I will be on live drawing for you all. Peace out peeps and have a happy drawing day.

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