How to Draw a Cartoon Bear


The first four steps show you some very helpful tips on how to make a cartoon bear look like a cartoon bear. Just enlarge the steps and read what they have to say.


Here is a mean bear that is exposing his snarling teeth. Read what I have to say about his teeth and eyes to help you draw a more realistic roaring cartoon bear.


The paws of a cartoon bear is probably one of the coolest things to draw and I used to have a problem drawing animal paws like this. You will get a helpful tip on how to draw a bear paw so that it looks more realistic and detailed.


How about the ears. The ears of a cartoon bear is another thing that we all like to learn how to draw. There is several ways to draw a cartoon bear ear and I will give you some helpful tips on how to do just that.


Draw four different circles for the heads of the cartoon bear and then draw the remaining circle shapes for the chest and butt end of this robust animal. When that is done you can then draw the facial guideline sand limb lines.


In this step you will start sketching out the face of the cartoon bear staring with the muzzle than the nose, eyes, and ears. Once that is done you can sketch out the shape of the body for the two bears at the end.


As you can see you will start sketching out the fury body of the cartoon bear until you end up with a sketched out image like the ones you see here. See how easy it is to draw a cartoon bear from all angles?


You are almost done with this lesson and I can tell that you guys are doing a heart job. Sketch out the legs and then the feet of the bears. When that is done you can sketch out some minor detailing on the bears body which is the fur or hair.


This is your last drawing step and as you can see the two bears at the end is already done. All you have to do to the other two bears is sketch out the shape of their legs and then sketch out their big paws. Draw in their tails and then start erasing   


Here is the finished sketch of what your cartoon bear should come out looking like. I hope you had fun with this tutorial on "how to draw a cartoon bear" step by step.

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July 26, 2009

Description: Bears are probably one of the most threatening animals that can tear you apart in a second. I know they say that black bears are harmless, and grizzly bears are rouges, but to me a bear is a bear, and I wouldn’t want to cross ones path for a second. Even though these animals are dangerous, they are still very fun to draw. I wanted to do a lesson that will teach you "how to draw a cartoon bear" in all different kinds of positions. The multiple views of the bear that you will be given a lesson on today will help you sketch out a more detailed and shapely animal that loves lingering in the woods. I have several bear tutorials already on the site, so I think you will all enjoy learning “how to draw a cartoon bear step by step” I didn’t include a cartoon type of picture with this tutorial because a sketch is a sketch and they are the best things to look at when something is drawn with multiple posses. I have to run now because there is much more lessons to do. I shall return so stick around guys you will like what you see in a few. Peace out amigos and happy drawing.

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