How to Draw a Canary

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Draw a circle for the head, and then add the one guideline for the face. Next draw the almond shaped body, and then add the stick lines for the birds legs, and tail.


Now you can start sketching out the shape of the birds feathery body starting with the back of the head, and down the back which flows into the wing. You will then need to draw in the individual feather pieces.


Finish sketching out the canary's body, and then add some feathery fluff to the chest, and the tail. Once that is complete, you can sketch out the thigh, and then draw the legs, and feet. Lastly, draw the small beak.


For your last drawing step all you need to do is draw out the long branch and then detail the branch's detailing lines. Add the eye, and you can start erasing all the lines and shapes you drew in step one.


Here is your finished drawing on the pretty canary. That was easy wasn't it? I had fun did you? Join me again for another fun filled drawing tutorial. Remember to color in your bird too.

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March 18, 2010

Description: I can't believe out of all the birds I have uploaded, I never drew one of the more popular species that is used as reference to sayings like “canary in a gold mine”, and other quotes. These birds have the prettiest colored yellow feathered bodies, and they also have a beautiful song. In this lesson, you will learn “how to draw a canary”, step by step. The canary is best known for their singing, and their color. Now, this bird breed is one of the few that are actually named after their origin. The name “canary” was given to this specie of bird, when they where discovered in the Canary Islands which is a tropical mass that is located off the coast of Africa. The canary belongs to the “finch” family, which means they are fairly small in size. Originally, these birds had a vivid green hue, and even today their feathers or bodies or not always completely yellow. The domestic canary are the ones that can be found with the pretty yellow hues, but like the parakeet, they also have mixed colors. I was going to draw a cartoon style canary, but then I thought that maybe I should just sketch out a realistic looking bird instead. No the lesson won't be harder, but it will definitely be a little plain looking since these birds really have no defining marks. Of course you can draw canaries to look cartoonish if you like, that's totally up to you. Did you know that Tweety Bird was portrayed as to be a canary? Yup, that is true. The famous Tweety is a canary which is why he is always in a cage, just singing. I hope you have fun with this tutorial, I will be back shortly. Peace people!

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