How to Draw a Braid, Short Braid


First of all, for the first step, draw a short curved line.


Draw the end of the 1st step- braid and then draw the next loop linked to it. Make the lines into arrows if you want for you know the flow of the hair.


Draw another loop and keep on continuing this. You can make the braid as long as you want, and you can make different types of braids also (Crown braids, twin braids, bun braid, normal braid, etc.)


My braid did not turn out that well, but your's might turn out better ;). Cya in my next tut.

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January 30, 2013

Description: Hello, I'm back with another tut on how to draw a short braid. This is my second tut, on the same day. This is not exactly a complete tut, but it is okay to upload, to me. Hope you all enjoy.

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