How to Draw a Blizzard

Artist: finalprodigy / September 7, 2013

Step 1.

Start off by picking your supplies. I used 4B charcoal and white charcoal. You'll want to use a sturdy textured paper for this drawing. I used basic charcoal paper.

Step 2.

Start off by adding a layer of shading over the drawing using a stick of 4B charcoal. This layer will serve as the surface for the rest of the drawing and will help with blending later on.

Step 3.

Blend in your rough shading as smoothly as you can using a blending stump. Blow away any loose, excess charcoal dust.

Step 4.

Use white charcoal to sketch in the outline of your mountains and roughly lighten the sky. You can use either a white charcoal pencil or a white charcoal stick for this step.

Step 5.

Blend in your white charcoal using a large blending stump. You shouldn't have to apply too much pressure to blend the charcoal. You can also try blending with a regular paint brush.

Step 6.

Use white charcoal to sketch in your mountains and add some rough mist at the base of the mountains.

Step 7.

Blend white charcoal with a blending stump. Instead of just smearing the charcoal pay attention to the directions of your strokes. Use slanted, diagonal strokes when blending in the mountain and use horizontal strokes when blending in the mist/snow a   

Step 8.

Brighten up your mountains, sky and mist by adding more layers of white charcoal to the drawing. The more layers you add the brighter your values will become.

Step 9.

Blend in your scene so far using a blending stump. Remember to make your blending smooth to add to the illusion of snow and wind.

Step 10.

Blend in your slopes using a blending stump. Make your blending strokes follow the shape of the slope.

Step 11.

Blend in your slopes using a blending stump. Make your blending strokes follow the shape of the slope.

Step 12.

Go over your entire drawing so far and refine yous details. Smooth out your shading where it looks too rough and add more white charcoal wherever it's needed. Make sure that the brightest highlights in you scene are in the foreground.

Step 13.

Use a 4B charcoal pencil to add some rough pine trees onto the slopes. Try to make your trees darkest at their tops. Just use natural strokes to create your trees; don't over-think it.

Step 14.

Use white charcoal to add sploshes of snow on your trees. Again don't over-think this, just dot in the snow naturally without putting too much thought into it. You can lightly blend in your snow with a blending stump to make it smoother. Blend in the   

Step 15.

Add finishing touches to your drawing. If you would like to add snow the way I did just randomly add white dots around you drawing. Use a blending stump and draw smoothly to make the snow as smooth as you can. This was a fun drawing that (surprising   

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Artist: finalprodigy
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Description: Here's another quick weather related tutorial for you all. This time I will be showing you how to draw a basic blizzard scene.