How to Draw a Arctic wolf

Artist: Dragon_Mistress / May 24, 2009

Step 1.

Shapes can create anything. You want shapes as squares and circles to shape this wolf. Make sure to sketch lightly!

Step 2.

this step will bring you shape of the wolf. If the head gets to be too wide, you can always shorten it ^_^. Look at your drawing! its already shaping like a wolf! :D

Step 3.

Just add detail! add the eyes. Arctic wolves ears are more round and sharp and there legs can be shorter than the grey wolf. Wow! Your drawing will look awesome! good job so far! :D

Step 4.

Just erase the unacceptable marks then......VIOLA! you have a Arctic wolf! Wow! Great Job!

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Artist: Dragon_Mistress
Date Added: May 24, 2009
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Description: so this is my first tutorial! I will teach you how to draw a VERY simple wolf. it looks pretty cool. This is a cute Arctic wolf!