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How to Draw a Anime Turtle

Artist: Midna_4life / August 6, 2010
How to Draw a Anime Turtle

Step 1.

First draw a hat like shape. Next Draw on big oval at the front on the shape then draw one at the back. Beside the two shape's you just drew draw Two more smaller legs. Then at the begging of the neck draw the neck betweenthe front legs and the shell   

Step 2.

Add a circle shape on the neck to create the head for the turtle.

Step 3.

Now erase all of top's and add a line to the bottom of the shell. Add a moutn to your turtle.

Step 4.

Now time to add the detail for the eyes draw and oval and add a curved line at the top of the oval. Inside the oval draw a circle and draw two circle's diagonal. add features to the shell. Last add the fingers and toes.

Step 5.

Now your done color it in and add some shading if you like

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catjc28 · 6 years ago
MissGoldenheart · 7 years ago
This is soooo awesome and just what i was looking for for my moms birthday today. Thank you for doing this tutorial
Artist: Midna_4life
Date Added: August 6, 2010
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Description: This is a Tutorial on <em><strong>ow to draw an Anime Turtle</em></strong>. Kick back and get your pencils ready for an uber fun lesson!