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how to color hair in Ibispaint app

Artist: LenaLeeLeeXD / October 26, 2014
how to color hair in Ibispaint app

Step 1.

Here's our base

Step 2.

Create a layer under the base, and color your basic colors from lightest in the middle to darkest in the top and bottom

Step 3.

Now get your smudging tool that looks like hair, and start brushing it toward the light part on the top and bottom

Step 4.

Now make a layer on top of that, and shade it with a dark color on top and bottom

Step 5.

Now smudge that with the same tool and technique and add a highlight

Step 6.

Clean it up and you're done!

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Artist: LenaLeeLeeXD
Date Added: October 26, 2014
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Description: I was coloring hair and thought I would make a tut, here you go!!!