How to a shade hair

Artist: animelover1123 / August 13, 2013
How to a shade hair

Step 1.

First draw the eye, nose, and mouth

Step 2.

Now draw the eye brow and the bang that covers the other eye. U can also ad bit of the hair that drapes down to the neck, ad the neck and shoulder

Step 3.

Now sketch in the rest of the hair and the arm

Step 4.

Now here's the bit I've done on shading,(please excuse the drawings there for reference only) first in pic 2 we three different types of shading 1 is just straight lines, 2 is again straight lines but this time they curve to show the surface of the    

Step 5.

Now u can draw some cloths and shade the hair u can do this by kinda lightly shading all of they hair excepted a small patch. I used a regular no.2 pencil

Step 6.

Now all that's left is to darken in some places, I used a b pencil but u can use just a regular no.2 pencil and just press done a bit harder. Then using a f pencil I very lightly shaded in the white part.

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Artist: animelover1123
Date Added: August 13, 2013
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Description: This is a tut kind of on shading kind of on a girl looking over her shoulder, and I've only rated a 2 in difficulty because it's not very detailed cuz I was making it short, there for it may be harder to fallow along. Anyway hope you like it enjoy! Pis tell me what you think by commenting, loving, or faving!