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Erza Scarlet

Artist: iltex / June 14, 2014
Erza Scarlet

Step 1.

First of all I used H3 to sketch, a HB to darken the lines and a 1B to make the eyes, nose and mouth darker than the rest. You shall begin with the H3 pencil.

Step 2.

To begin sketch a cross but make the lines bend because the person is not gonna look straight forward so that it will be easyer to place the eyes nose and mouth. Also see that you place it not in the middle because the torso wil also take space

Step 3.

First you need to draw the cheekbone, this will give you a better view on how your person will looking. Then draw the nose and mouth. After this it will be easyer to place the eyes without looking weird.

Step 4.

Draw a second sketch line beneath the horizontal one. The eyes will be drawn in between those lines.

Step 5.

Draw the eyes looking at the right. You don't need to draw it too detailed because there are gonna be some changes afterwards.

Step 6.

The next step is drawing the basics of the torso. Because of the hair we still need to draw, we are gonna keep it basic (no details).

Step 7.

Now draw the basic structure of the hair so you know of big the head is and where your hair will go. Also the hairs are overlapping the eyes and torso, we will fix this in the next step.

Step 8.

In this step you will continue drawing the hairs on the right side of the head and draw the eyebrows also remove the overlapping lines at the ayes and torso (I forgot to erase some overlapping lines but I fixed it in the next steps).

Step 9.

Now the only basic things we need to draw is the bikini, and the hair that goes behind her shoulders. We also add an earring. And for last you thicken the eyes with the 1B pencil and remove the sketch lines.

Step 10.

For the last step it's quite simple you add some detail (if you can't see it well enough look at the picture of the last step)

Step 11.

The only thing you need to do now is take your HB pencil and and overdraw (don't know how to say) every line that is still in H3. This will darken your lines and will finish the drawing. There you go!

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Artist: iltex
Date Added: June 14, 2014
Steps: 11
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Description: I got real motivated and tried to make a tut hope you enjoy. I also reccomend reading it before starting to draw witouth analyzing. And sorry if it there any errors its my first time. ;D