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How to Draw the Ocean

Artist: Dawn / August 26, 2010
How to Draw the Ocean

Step 1.

Here is a nice little tip step that will guide you on the importance of the water's texture. Shading is a clever technique in the world of artistry. Use it at your will to spark your drawings with life.

Step 2.

Ever wonder what that "white stuff" in the ocean is? Well, it's the foam that forms once waves have hit a solid surface at a clashing force. This is one aspect of water that must be noted. You could possibly use a light colored marker, pencil, or wat   

Step 3.

Start off your drawing with the line of vanishing point which separates the sky and ground. Add two large fluffs above the vanishing point that will hold the clouds. Sketch two mounds below for the hills. Notice how the point between the sky and grou   

Step 4.

Start from the top and gradually work your way down to the bottom. Sketch out the clouds and the horizon of the ocean.

Step 5.

Sketch out the hills that enclose the ocean. This type of landscape causes a sense of calmness and peace. You can shape these large mounds any way you want.

Step 6.

Lastly, add some finishing details that will bring forth the definition of an ocean. Drawing an ocean couldn't be simpler then this. You can customize the surroundings in any possibility you can imagine.

Step 7.

If you haven't gone out of the box, this is what your drawing should resemble. Learning how to draw the sea can be very easy because of the simple shapes used. Once you've understood the way of different types of landscapes, you'll become a pro. I re   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 26, 2010
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Description: Another landscape, another awesome lesson! Today in this tutorial you'll be learning “how to draw the ocean step by step”. So many artists love to expand their skills, but more importantly, expanding your skills will eventually lead on drawing landscapes. There are numerous types of land and forms of land that you'll need to observe and explore. Not only are you suppose to examine these forms of the earth, but you're suppose to learn about it too. Did you know that the sand is so hot in the middle east, that it's unbearable? So what if you had a soft fleshed - furry animal or creature walking along that desert with a nice ol' smile on their face. It would be ridiculous right? Well, to make a long story short, in this lesson learning to “draw the sea”, is something important for your drawings. I included a few tip steps that will show you some pointers to draw a realistic and believable oceanic landscape. You'll mainly want to focus on the way the water flows and the vanishing point of this drawing. Always start from the vanishing point before you proceed any further here. You can add different types of objects covering the ocean. Whether it's a few palm trees shadowing the environment, or some mountainous rocks crawling into the sand. How about some smaller rocks scattered in the sand, or maybe remains of a shipwreck with some slumbers of treasure laying around. There are endless possibilities when it comes to landscapes. Think of the popular movies today and what the characters are set within. As an artist, you must come to an understanding that research and observation is everything in the artistic world. Carry around a sketchbook or notebook with a few pens or pencils. Jot down what you think may be useful in future projects. It's time for me to move on now folks, have fun learning “how to draw a sea step by step”. Thanks for viewing!