How to Draw a Manga Style Head Front View


Draw a large oval for the base of the head. In that oval there's two lines crossing each other. These lines will help guide you to draw the face. It will help make the eyes, nose, and mouth balanced.


Start drawing the eyes. (Checkout my eye tutorial!) Then a triangle shape for the nose and a brief smile for the lips.


Add the bottoms to the eyes and the lids atop of them. Start adding the lips too. Your manga female character is coming along like awesome!


Add the pupils to the eyes and the eyebrows. Also add the ears. Sorry, her ears aren't even. Lol, dumbo...


Start fleshing out the hair and the eyelashes. You want her to look feminine. Add the tops to the eyebrows and more detail to the ears. Add the pupils to eyes as well. Shape her face a little more so it doesn't look so ovalie!


Give in some more detail to the hair. This includes bangs, some indication of hair roughness and stuff like that. Add a wrinkle to the right side of the mouth and a small line beneath the bottom lip. This indicates a chin. Add a nostril to the left o   


Add some accessories to her ears or neck. And make some shoulders to her neck so it doesn't look like her head is chopped off and floating. To make her look thin, add the neck line. Now you have a manga chick!


Erase some guidelines and shade in some spots in the face. This is like the nose, the pupils and the eyelashes. There, you have a nice lineart of a manga girl. I hope this tutorial was helpful.


LOL! Princess peach! I told you I'd do it! LOL!!

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December 31, 2007

Description: This tutorial will teach you how to draw a manga style head the front view. She kinda looks like she's from the 50s. Lol, I just whipped her up from sketch to make this tutorial. A lot of people bugged me to make manga tutorials! I'm like, 'OMG, I know! I'll make some!'. So I do. This tutorial should help you create a manga style head. To me, she looks like princess peach. Hold on! At the end of this tutorial, I'll change her hair and eyebrow color so it will look like princess peach! LOL! Have fun and I hope this tutorial will be fun while learning! Enjoy!

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