How To Draw Daredevil

Artist: Dawn / April 30, 2008

Step 1.

In this first step what you are going to do is draw out the guidelines and shapes of daredevil. Start by drawing an egg shaped circle for the head with facial guidelines. Now draw out the shape of his torso and the outlining for the forearms. Now fr   

Step 2.

Now here you will start to draw in the face of Ben or DareDevil. Enlarge this step top get a better view of the detailing you have to do. Naturally you have to draw out his eyes, nose, and mouth. Then draw out the thickness of the arms and right hand   

Step 3.

Here in this step you will only be working on his torso and left arm. Start by drawing in some chest muscle lines and detail his face a bit more with eyebrow wrinkles and chin definition. Now sketch in the definition for his stomach and belt and sket   

Step 4.

Now what you are going to do is draw the lining on his chest for the double "D's" which stands for Daredevil. draw out the lining for his legs until they look full and shapely. Now sketch in the detailing on the boots and draw in his weapon that rest   

Step 5.

This is what your finished DareDevil should like when you are completely done. Color him in and pin him up. That will do it for this tutorial on how to draw Ben Affleck as DareDevil.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 30, 2008
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Description: Hello again to DragoArt and to another tutorial on a character from the Marvel comics world. This time you will be learning how to draw Daredevil, but not from the comic book image, from the movie. I chose to do the movie character because I thought that Ben Affleck did an awesome job portraying this character. There was a point in the movie where I actually believed that he was blind. The way how they showed the audience how he seen things through his blinded eyes was awesome and touching. Let’s get into reality for a sec though because after all Affleck does play a comic book hero from Marvel right. Daredevil’s real name is Matt Murdock and he is a successful lawyer. When he was younger he lived with his father who happened to be a boxer that went by the name of "Battling Jack" Murdock, he boxed for petty cash to keep food on the table and to care for his son. One day (as seen in the movie), he wanted his son to be proud of him and really think that his father wasn’t just a washed up boxer that threw fights for a quick buck. So when he really boxed his butt off one night in the ring he had to pay for what he did not do, blow the fight and loose. The consequences to him blowing the fight where fatal because shortly after Matt Murdock was killed by Bullseye. It was a direct request by King Pin himself. This all happened after Matt lost his sight due to an accident when he was saving a blind man from the path of an oncoming truck. Radioactive substance feel from the vehicle that almost ran over the man he was trying to save which resulted in that same substance pouring into his eyes. Now, because young Matt was blinded by the hazardous waste, he earned the name Daredevil because he would take chances that no one would imagine doing if they could see. Before he was blind Matt was picked on often by bullies at school, so even though by saving the old man blinded him, he gained something more, the radioactive exposure heightened his remaining senses beyond normal human thresholds enabling him to achieve acrobatic stunts and movements. This is a fun tutorial the only problem is, sense it’s a sketch of Ben Affleck, there is no detail to the body it looks flat. But other than that it looks good. I hope you enjoy your self with this tutorial on how to draw Ben Affleck as DareDevil. The step by step instructions shows you in detail how to maneuver each step to the tee. Sit back, chillax and get you’re drawing supplies ready because it’s time to start drawing.