How To Draw Iron Man Mask

Artist: Dawn / June 18, 2008

Step 1.

Okay start this first step of Iron Mans head with a big round circle for the top part of his head and then the shape of the bottom part of his face which is half drawn out. Now a long line down the middle to help guide you in later steps. On the top    

Step 2.

After you have completed step one, you will begin shaping Iron Mans head. Even though his head is round it has a boxed shape to it as well along the sides of his head or temples. So your job in this step is to draw out the lining as shown to shape ou   

Step 3.

The trapezoid that you drew in step one will be detailed to look like a three dimensional box inside, almost like it has a pouch. Start with the top and work your way down until the trapezoid shape looks like the one above. Now you will detail the lo   

Step 4.

Now you will be repeating the same effect here in this step as you did in the previous step you just completed. You will be drawing in the lines as shown to make his mask look like he has a forehead and to make sort of a depth look for his eyes. His    

Step 5.

After you sketch in the shading you see here, your Iron Man head should come out looking like this. You can color him in if you wish with your tool of choice or you can stay tuned and learn how to color Iron Man in Adobe Photoshop CS. That is it you    

Step 6.

In these two tip steps, I am going to show you how to make a metallic shimmery effect on the iron man head. We want to make that nice shimmery giller effect. So what we are going to do is open our imaging program Adobe Photoshop. Click on Filter and    

Step 7.

A window will pop up. Set your amount settings to 1.07. This will lower the amount of shimmery sparkles will show on your image. Don't add to much or it will just look like an old image. So what we are going to do is adjust the distribution to Gauss   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 18, 2008
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Description: Since the last Iron Man I drew got so many hits, I figured I would teach you "how to draw Iron Man mask" which is a drawing of his head only. I love looking at the face of characters whether it be animals, cartoons, or people. Studying people and images allow me to paint a mental picture in my head. It’s almost like studying an image, closing my eyes, and mentally picture my hands drawing the picture as I see it in my head. When I open my eyes I have either my sketch pad or tablet in front of me as I prepare my self to draw. If you was to ask me what do I prefer drawing on, I would have to say 50 percent sketch pad and 50 percent tablet. These days I love sketching on my tablet because I am learning so many different new things that I couldn’t do before on my other tablet. I have also been studying how to shade and color better as well as draw lines and faces as you can tell. You can see in my earlier work I really didn’t know how to draw and sketch certain things when it came to doing portraits. I absolutely love sketching out faces and shading in all the right areas. Even though I teach people how to draw with my tutorials I too still need to improve on a lot of things in many areas. Sometimes I get so lazy that I really don’t try at all. You could say that I sometimes get burnt out from drawing and sketching and coloring. It is very time consuming and I often spend most of my days in front of my computer drawing and learning new techniques. “Why do I do it then if I get burnt out”? Well the answer to that question is easy, I love to draw. Even when I’m tired relaxing on the couch channel surfing, or reading a magazine whether it be Guns and Ammo, or Car and Driver, or even if it one of my comics, I always seem to find an image or character that inspires me to draw new things. I even research certain things to see what is becoming popular so I can get it out there for my fellow artist to learn from. I chose Iron Man because I watched the movie for a second time and I am really intrigued with how the character came out on film. He is so cool and the story line is so on point right from the comics. The movie I have to say is A-1 awesome. I am happy to share with you my inspirational drawing of Iron Man facial view. I hope you all enjoy this tutorial I put a lot of time into it. If you are a user of Adobe Photoshop I show you how to color and how to add certain effects to get the best possible sketch. Iron Man has become a heavily populated character and I doubt that you can get enough of him.