How to Draw a Kangaroo

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This step is a bunch of circles, a total of nine. It is hard to explain what exactly they are going to be but they all serve a purpose. They are what you call guidelines. Look at the image to get an idea where to place the shapes and move to the next   


Step two is the beginning steps on sketching out your red kangaroo. starting at the head sketch the ears which are two triangles with rounded tips. Then draw the two eyes that look like slanted shapes, and for the nose draw a long shaped "U". Move ov   


Time to shape the bottom half of the arms. If you look at the bottom of the arm they look like baseball bats. That should give you some idea how to draw them. Draw the lines coming straight down starting from the elbow of the kangaroos arm. Follow th   


In this step concentrate on the right side now. Draw the neck line that eventually goes down to the arm, after that it will finish the work to the right arm. Starting from underneath the hind leg finish the lining of the tail. Draw the small fingers    


Lets focus on the face of the red kangaroo in this step as well as the underbelly. In the face you have to shape his head with the indentation of the skull bone on top. Sketch out the jowls and cheek bones and the nose too. The under belly is all fur   


This step just contains a bunch of fur detailing. Work on finishing off the upper body with as much as fur detail. After you are threw with that, what you want to do is erase all the guidelines and guide circles that you made in the beginning of the    


There you go, your very own Red Kangaroo. Your drawing should end up looking just like this or similar. From here you can color your picture anyway you want or leave it as a sketch. Good job.

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January 21, 2008

Description: Let’s start this tutorial by talking about the Red Kangaroo. This Australian desert animal is the world’s largest marsupial. Red kangaroos get around by hopping on their hind legs reaching speeds over 35 miles an hour. With one hop, they can cover a distance of 25 feet, and jump 6 feet high. Female kangaroos only carry one baby at a time when they are pregnant. The size of the newborn is smaller then a single grape, it’s hard to believe that an animal this size produces such a small offspring. Once the youngling is born, right away it starts its journey into the mothers pouch, and there it will stay for without coming out for two months. The female species of the red kangaroo are typically smaller then the males, which make them a lot faster and lighter too. The large males are built with sheer power, they can weigh as heavy as 200 pounds and reach 6 feet in height, while the females only grow to be 4 feet high and only weigh between 75 to 80 pounds, which is a considerable difference when compared to the male. Like all kangaroos they are herbivorous, and travel in groups called a mob. When the males fight over a mate they lean on their hind legs and box, they also have sharp claws and can bite as well. What most people don’t know is that, each year that goes by they are hunted down for their hides and meat. Red kangaroo are becoming a more popular food source for man kind. In this tutorial you will learn "how to draw a kangaroo", with just a few steps. The instructions are an easy read, so even a child can learn to draw one with no problems at all. When you’re finished you can keep your work as a sketch, or color it to look like a cartoon character, what ever you want you decide. I hope this tutorial was a helpful tool for you and I will be back soon.

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