How to Draw IA, IA From Vocaloid

Artist: Dawn / January 23, 2013

Step 1.

Let us begin by making the head, torso shape which looks very much like a shield, then the hips, limbs and connecting line that brings all the body parts together.

Step 2.

The next thing we will do is sketch out the shape IA's face like so, then draw in her sharp bangs and hair chunks that fall on the sides of her face. The hairstyle actually frames the face.

Step 3.

Begin drawing the simple shapes of her eyes. The top eye lid line should be bold. Color in the pupils, then add the eyebrows, nose and mouth.

Step 4.

Okay, in this step we will draw out her hair fully. IA has very long straight hair. The braided pieces that fall past her shoulders should be drawn pretty thick. Cap off the ends of the braids with small rectangular barrettes. When her hair is done,    

Step 5.

Sketch out the neck, then her small framed body. When drawing the shoulders make sure that you don't draw them too angled or broad. They should be meek and rounded. Next, take your time as you begin to sketch out her shirt. You need to add the wrinkl   

Step 6.

You are almost done with this tutorial. All you have to do is draw the waist, hips, and arms. Add detailing to her clothes, then draw some thick bold lines for the trim.

Step 7.

Lastly, all you have to do is first erase the mistakes and guides. When that is done you can draw in the necklace or choker, then the pattern on her shirt.

Step 8.

Here is IA when you are finished. Color her in to bring this Vocaloid character to life.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I know there are a lot of fans out there when it comes to Vocaloid so today I will fill a request and show you guys "how to draw IA", step by step. IA is in V3 or Vocaloid 3. Her voice in the series is that of the very talented Japanese singer Lia. Lia sings the opening song for 'Air' named Tori no Uta. IA was also designed by Maxilla Inc. and illustrated by Aka Akasaka. IA made her debut in January of 2012. Her look is awesome I just love her style. Her hair, face and clothes made drawing IA very entertaining indeed. I love drawing anime style figures that have that type of look because it's always fun coloring them in. They seem to come to life once colored in. Anyways, the tutorial should be simple enough for anybody to tackle but if you are a novice artist, you may have some difficulty. I shall return people so be sure to stick around. Adios amigos!