How To Draw Basset Hound

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In this first simple step what you will be doing is drawing out the shapes and guidelines for this Basset Hound. Start by drawing a big round circle for the head and sketch in some facial guidelines. Next draw the rounded shape of the front legs and   


Now here you will be drawing out the long floppy ears for the hound dog. Start from the sides of his head and work you way down to the tip of the guideline you drew earlier. Now draw in the shape of his jowls as show which is nothing more then a huge   


Here is where you will be finishing off your drawing of the Basset Hound. Draw in the shape of his thick eyebrows as shown and then draw two small circles for his eyes. Now draw out the bottom lip which is two curved shapes. Finish off the hind paws    


This is what your Basset Hound should look like when you are completely done. All you b\need to do is color him in and give him a name. That will do it for this tutorial on how to draw Basset Hound step by step.

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May 29, 2008

Description: This is another tutorial on how to draw a Basset Hound from again the Webkinz collection. Now he is also a new addition to my plush collection and it just keeps getting larger. I love this particular plush because it reminds me of a puppy I use to have when I was a kid growing up. He looked almost just like the drawing; the only difference was is that he was a real dog. Basset Hounds are very friendly little doggies and they give off a lot of affection and love. Sadly my pooch that I had was accidentally struck by a truck on a side street as he ran out of our yard and after a ball. That was a sad day for me and I really hadn’t thought about it until I found this adorable pup at a second hand store. I search far and wide when I’m shopping. If I see a Webkinz that I don’t have and I have the money to spare, I will buy it right on the spot. I’ve decided to add my new Basset Hound to my favorite’s collection because of my childhood dog named Chief. Even though he is gone I see a little of him in my Webkinz Hound. This tutorial will show you how to draw Basset Hound step by step from the Ganz collection. The easy to follow instructions will have you on your way in now time soon. I hope you like this tutorial and most importantly I hope you learned how to draw this lovely pup.

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