How To Draw Alex From Madagascar


Okay lest start this first step by drawing out the guidelines and shapes of Alex. As you can see he has many shapes going on here. But you will first draw the shape of his head the smaller part is a small round circle and then the shape of his jaw. T   


Finish off drawing the guides and we're on our way to drawing the actual essentials of Alex the Lion! Be sure to take your time as this can be tedious work.


Now, we'll start by drawing the shape of the top of his head and the shape of the right jaw. Take your time and keep in tune with your guidelines in order to achieve accuracy!


Now you will draw out his eyes. Start with two small perfect circles and give him eyebrows as well. Afterwords, we'll start working on that slanted smile of his. Alex has a slanted mouth to match the boxy style he's in. When viewing this lion from a    


Then, we must work on those ears and the lower jaw as well as smile. Keep things simple! There's no need to go all out with massive amounts of details. Keep in tune with those guidelines to strike for win!


Now, let's start shaping up that fluffy but rather boxy mane of Alex's. Take your time and draw the appropriate widths and angles as well as openings. Once you have that drawn, work on the arms until it hits the two circular guides you drew previousl   


Ready to work on his thumbs up hands? His hands were my favorite part to draw since they're so freakin' boxy! Take your time and draw the thumbs first; gradually moving onwards to the four fingers that are very box-like. Take your time!


Next, work on his rather thin but short legged body for the full Alex effect! Take your time and draw from chest to feet. Make sure you measure the widths between the feet and legs to hit an accuracy.


Lastly, finish off the paw pads, tail, and extra details like the cream markings on his belly and hands. Don't forget to touch up some of your lines!


This is what your Alex should look like when he is all cleaned up and ready to color. Now color him in and put him next to his other friends. That will complete this tutorial on how to draw Alex from Madagascar. I hope you all had fun.

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June 21, 2008

Description: Today at we will learn how to draw Alex the lion from the popular and wicked funny Dream Works flick Madagascar. I have watched this movie so many times that I almost know everything they say in the flick. My favorite all time character is Alex the lion because he is the funniest and most awesome character. I love how he roars for the crowd and when he is in the wild and he has no steak to eat and he roars wicked loud. And my other favorite parts are when Alex is the most powerful and dominant carnivores out of the Fossa. In the movie his friends are the most important things in his life. He is thankful for having them. Anyways, during his time in the zoo, his best friend Marty always dreamt of going into the wild and being free. He couldn’t stand the zoo. The rest of Alex’s friends loved the zoo. One day Marty came across four penguins. They were digging to escape their exhibit into the wild as well. They explained to Marty how to escape to the wild. Anyways, Marty had the idea in mind to escape. So he left the zoo and walked around freely in the public. Once his friends realized that he was gone they all escaped to find him. Once the humans reported the zoo animals were loose, they caught them and wanted to ship them off into the wild. While on the ship heading for Africa, a storm approached. The boxes that the animals were in floated the sea and landed on an island called Madagascar. They escaped the boxes and noticed their surroundings. At first they couldn’t find one another but then they started finding each other while on a beach. Anyways, they soon find out about this group of lemurs dancing and singing to a song called “I like To Move It.” The lemurs find out about the visitors and ask Alex to protect them from the hungry Fossa. This image took me a while to color and sketch. I drew it on my Wacom Intuos3 tablet while using the program Adobe Photoshop CS. I drew this character out of inspiration from the new Madagascar 2 movie. I can’t wait to see it! I ‘m so excited, its coming out sometime in November or October. Anyways I hope you enjoy the Alex the lion tutorial!

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