How To Draw Marty From Madagascar

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Start this first step by drawing out all the guidelines and shapes to form a nice frame for Marty. First draw an egg shape for his head, then a squared shape for the snout. Next draw a long line for his neck and then another circle for his torso. Dra   


Now here in step two you will start shaping and sketching out the structure of Marty's face. Start with the shaping of his long looking narrow head then draw out his nostrils and his mouth which is open with his teeth showing.Then you can start thick   


In this third step, you will start drawing out the shape of his mane. Now his mane looks like a big brush. Next sketch in his definition for the nostrils and continue to draw out the shapes of his long narrow looking legs. His hooves are pointed at t   


And for this last step all you need to do is draw in Marty's funny face. Start with his round eyes and pupils and give him some lines to separate his teeth. Next begin drawing and coloring in the zebra stripes on his head. Then you will erase all the   


After you draw and color in all of his strips like you see here your sketch should come out looking like the one you see here. That was incredibly easy wasn't it. No need to color him in because he is black and white. The only thing that is colored o   

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June 21, 2008

Description: I remember back in 2006 I watched a movie called Madagascar from Dream Works. I gotta tell ya it was a funny, off the wall animated comedy about three Zoo animals that go on an insane adventure to find there friend Marty who has recently become depressed on his 10th birthday. They all reside in the Central Park Zoo in New York City. Today you will be learning "how to draw Marty" the zebra from Madagascar. Marty is a Grevy’s Zebra that has an unbearable urge to step foot in the wild. He dreams of running free across the vast landscapes of trees, grass, water holes and all the amenities that come with freedom for a zebra. Being ten years old Marty feels like he is about to expire and he hasn’t done anything with his life except exist in a zoo surrounded by people that are there just to look at him while he sleeps, eats, and baths. Even though he is depressed that he is trapped in a zoo, his friends Alex the Lion, Melman the Giraffe, and Gloria the Hippo have a surprise birthday party planed for him and when they start singing happy birthday all they notice is how down and gloomy he is. Eventually Marty manages to escape the Zoo and he sets off on his journey for freedom. Of course he does all this while his friends are sleeping, but Alex wakes up and calls for Marty and notices that he just ran away. Alex then gathers up Melman and Gloria to find there dear friend. They find him and flag him down but it was too late. They were surrounded by police officers and then they were tranquillized, packaged, and sent to Kenya but some how the pesky penguins took over the ship and the animals wake up on the shores of Madagascar where they find Marty. All four of them set off to find there way back home to there safe haven of the Central Park Zoo. They manage to find their way home by ship as the penguins steer them home. As for Marty, after being out in the wild he finally realizes that a zebra like himself has no purpose out in the wild where there are dangers all around him. The sequel to this hit comedy is called Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa set to be released in the winter of 2008. I love the fact that all the original cast members that voiced the four hilarious animals will be returning. Ben Stiller voiced Alex the Lion, Chris Rock voiced Marty the Zebra, Jada Pickett Smith voiced Gloria, and David Schwimmer voices Melman the Giraffe. In this fun tutorial you will learn "how to draw Marty, step by step". The instructions will help guide you to an easy way to draw out this funny animated character. Have fun.

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