How To Draw A Violin

Artist: Dawn / June 22, 2008

Step 1.

Okay lets get started. Start this step by drawing the shape of the Violin's body which is the shape of a closed thick hour glass. When you draw out that shape you can then draw in a long line that goes straight down the middle of the instrument as yo   

Step 2.

Now here in this step which is step two you will be drawing out the neck of the violin which looks like a long narrow lighthouse. After you do that draw the four tuning knobs. It is time to shape out the body of the violin and give it that classic lo   

Step 3.

Now here is when you have to enlarge the step to see the details that need to be sketched out. At the very top you can see the detailing needed to be sketched in with the neck of the violin and tunning keys. Complete this first then move down to the    

Step 4.

In this last part all you have to do is draw in the strings. Use a steady hand to get the strings drawn in nice and straight. After you do that you can clean up your sketch by erasing any mistakes you may have made while sketching out your violin.

Step 5.

This is what your finished violin should look like when you are completely done. All you have left to do is color it in and call it a finished sketch. Neat huh. Well that was a fun and easy tutorial wasn't it. This is the end of this tutorial on how   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 22, 2008
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Description: I happen to believe that music is an essential part to everyone’s life. Music is like a sound of many different things to many different people depending on their music of choice. There are over a dozen different kinds of music that folks have to choose from and I will list the ones I know of and then you can pick what your preference is. First there is my all time favorite above all Classical, then there is Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Heavy Metal, Country, Alternative, Death Metal, Classic Rock, Punk Rock, Opera, Rap, Hip Hop, Dance, Folk and I’m sure there are more types of music that I didn’t list but these are the ones I know of personally. Now that we know what different types of music there are let’s talk about the instrument that you will be learning how to draw today, the Violin. First off the Violin is a bowed string instrument. It almost looks like a mini guitar. Unlike the guitar it only has four strings that are tuned in perfect fifths. A perfect fifth is the musical interval between a note and the note seven semitones above it on the musical scale. The Violin is the smallest out of all of the instruments from the violin family which includes the Viola and the Cello. Not only is the violin the smallest it is also the highest pitch as well which is what gives this stringed instrument the capability to sound like a crying woman or a galloping horse. In the olden days the violin was referred to as a fiddle. If you ever watched Little House on the Prairie, Charles Ingles use to play his fiddle as everyone danced or sat around watching him. The instruments in the early days were usually plucked. Of course I’m referring to the Greek lyre. Another early instrument was the Mongolian Morin huur. When listening to Classical music you almost always hear a violin. The violin can carry a very sweet, mild, romantic melody, and it can also carry a very dark, lonely, saddened melody. This instrument is a universal piece of work. As you all know it is played with a bow and anybody who knows how to play a violin is called a violinist and folks that repair violins are called luthiers. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a violin step by step. The instructions are so simple and easy to understand that when you’re done, you will want to play one yourself. I enjoyed this tutorial very much and I know you all will too.