How to Draw a Seal for Kids

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Make a large circle for the head, and then draw a small egg shape. Add the facial guides and move to step two.


Sketch out the shape of the seal's head, and then draw in some of the body particularly the right side.


Using the guides that you drew in step one, draw in the large arches for the eyes, and then draw in the small bump for the nose of the seal.


Draw in the eyeballs and then draw the nose. Seals have whiskers so you will have to draw three whiskers on each side of the face. When that is done draw in the smile and that's it.


Draw the back part of the body and then sketch out the tail. The inner lining of the tail should be a bit wavy because this is how a seal tail should look.


Finally, draw in the front flippers, and then draw in the chest. You can start erasing the lines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your drawing to perfection.


Here is what the seal for kids looks like when you're done. Color it in and that's it, you have drawn another seal.

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July 11, 2011

Description: Hello once again everyone I’m back with more drawing fun. This tutorial that you see before you is going to teach you "how to draw a seal for kids", step by step. There is no real way to make a mistake with this lesson because its going to be so incredibly easy to tackle and replicate. I was going through a list of things to do and the seal was one of them. Drawing animals for kids has become such an exciting task for me to take on because I simply love making all sorts of critters and the seal is one of them. I wanted to make a seal that was not only easy to draw; I also wanted it to be a species that we are familiar with. Baby seals and penguins are probably the most adored from the arctic part of the world. Whenever I make and put up a tutorial on either species, I get so many comments that tell me how cute and cunning the animal looks. All I know is that I feel pretty confident that you will enjoy learning "how to draw a seal for kids" especially if you have a problem with drawing these animals now. Have an exciting experience, and be sure to come back to see who or what will be uploaded next.

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