How to Draw a Realistic Zombie

How to Draw a Realistic Zombie
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Draw the basic shape of the body and head.


Then draw the outline of the body and head.


Finally make the details on his face and clothes.


Now your sketch should look like this .


For the beginning we'll work only on the face and neck. Start with a quick hash on the face, manly on the eyes . These are not your average eyes, they don't have to look perfect so you can be a sloppy as you can .


Smudge the face really well using a blending stupid . Since we have loose flesh , the skin must not look smooth .After you've smudged hash again .


Start making the details on the face. The grey layer you have makes the job easier, you only have to make a few minor shadows and a few highlights . Try to make the scars and scratches stand out by making them dark and have the skin around them brigh   


You need to make the mouth area a lot darker than the rest of the face , so it looks like the lower half of the face was ripped off . Again, add some highlights inside the dark area to get the effect or rotten flesh .


Draw the hair as messy as you can . Then start working on the neck .


Do the same thing on the neck as you did on the face but make it a slight darker .


Move to the shoulder. I have hashed it a bit to . The dark thing behind him is a piece of his shirt which I made black with a few lighter parts .


Now make the details on the shoulder.


Make the collar of the shirt really dark and shade the part of skin left under the collar bone .


Now lightly shade his other shirt .


Finally make the details on the shirt, such as little shadows and blood stains .


Make a very random background using graphite powder and an eraser .

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February 26, 2018

Hello people, today I'm bringing you something I have never done before, a zombie, yea, a random zombie . Since Halloween is close this would be a perfect tutorial. I used a reference from the Walking Dead because they do a really great job on the makeup . Enjoy !

#how to draw a zombie
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