How to Draw Ultron, Avengers Age of Ultron

Artist: DuskEyes969 / December 26, 2016

Step 1.

Draw the basic shape of the head and the guide lines for the eyes .

Step 2.

Now outline the whole thing .

Step 3.

Since there are so many details I have decided to make one more step than usual. Draw the biggest features on his face .

Step 4.

Now draw the rest of the details .

Step 5.

Here is my sketch for comparison .

Step 6.

Because I wanted this to be very detailed I chose not to make overall layers and the add details on individual parts one at a time , but instead I went and focused on some parts at a time right from the beginning . Begin by selecting the area you wan   

Step 7.

BLEND in very well using whatever you're used to the most . You can use a blending stump, a qtip , even a small piece of paper/cloth or a small soft brush , which is what I used . Although it takes longer to blend , you have more control over what yo   

Step 8.

Blend again and add some details. Don't forget to leave some highlights , and if you forget you can make them again using an eraser or some white pastel ( the white pencil never works) .

Step 9.

Move down to what should be his .......nose and cheeks . Darken the lines in the area you work on and hatch the main shadows .

Step 10.

Blend very well and make the darker shadows .

Step 11.

Blend again and add the details . Don't forget about the highlights .

Step 12.

The process repeats itself with every part you make . I started with a small part (the eyes) and moved to bigger ones (the forehead) . Hatch the forehead .

Step 13.

Blend and add the darker shadows .

Step 14.

Blend and add the final details .

Step 15.

Now move down to the lower part of his face . Add a layer of light gray .

Step 16.

Now make the darkest parts.

Step 17.

Add the final details .

Step 18.

Now move on the the "ears" , I guess they're antennas , not sure what he uses them for but they look really cool . Repeat the process of hatching, blending, darkening and detailing .

Step 19.

Here you can see how well you can blend with a brush .

Step 20.

Use a 4B for details .

Step 21.

The remaining area is big but it's really easy since it's mostly black . Begin with hatching the light parts and make the darker zones from the beginning .

Step 22.

Blend and add the FINAL details .

Step 23.

Make the background a bit dark at the top just so his shiny forehead stands out . That's all .

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Artist: DuskEyes969
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Description: Hello geeks and casual comic book lovers ! You might be surprised why I made this so early since Avengers 2 only comes out next year in May , but the trailer just came out and it looks amazing . Honestly I watched it several times simply because it's good . For those who don't know , in the comics and some animated series , Ultron is a robot created by Hank Pym a.k.a. Ant-Man . But Ultron goes rogue and hell breaks lose . In the movie , Ultron is just a very advanced AI created by Tony Star , who makes his own body out of Iron man suits. Anyway , sorry I couldn't make the whole bust , I worked after a screenshot since Marvel hasn't released any official pictures of Ultron. Enjoy !