How to draw Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

Artist: DuskEyes969 / October 27, 2014

Step 1.

Begin with the very basic shape of the body. Since Groot isn't human, having a body made of wood, his features don't have to be perfect or smooth , wood is random .

Step 2.

Following the guide lines, draw the outline of the body . Give it a rough feel .

Step 3.

These should be his "muscles ", which are basically just branches which resemble muscle because of the way they are placed and are interconnected .

Step 4.

Finish with the details on his face .

Step 5.

So your sketch should look a bit like this . Mine is a bit more detailed a bit. Don't mind the lower part of the abdomen , that is going to be black, so don't sketch anything there .

Step 6.

Begin with an overall layer of light gray . It can look messy , this works well when making wood texture .Focus on the eyes a bit more than the rest of the body .

Step 7.

Now make the darkest parts on him using the darkest pencil you have. I used an 8B.

Step 8.

Make a few thousand little short rough lines on the whole body , this is not very complicated, just hatch in the same direction .

Step 9.

Now do the same thing as in the previous step, only on a much smaller scale, using a very sharp pencil. Here you can see the difference since I only worked on half of the face .

Step 10.

Continue with the rest of the face.You don't have to do half of the face like I did .

Step 11.

Do the same thing on his right arm, but you don't have to go into so much detail as on the face . When you look at this the first thing you notice is the face, that has to look as good as it can , the rest can be blurred out or even left somewhat unf   

Step 12.

Continue with the right side of his chest. What should be his "pecks " look more like flat old boards .

Step 13.

Make the other side of the chest and the left arm a bit darker than the rest .

Step 14.

I made the background using graphite powder applied with a paint brush .

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Description: Hey guys today I'll show you how to draw Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy . If you don't know who Groot is, he's an anthropomorphic tree, a member of the guardians . While compassionate , he's also extremely strong and lacks the ability to speak , sort of , he can only say " I am Groot" . Anyway, if you haven't seen Guardians yet, get it on dvd or something because it's totally worth it. Enjoy !