How to Draw a Hornet

Artist: Dawn / July 17, 2009

Step 1.

Let us start this first step on how to draw a hornet by draw three circle shapes first. The smallest id the the cartoon hornets head, the second is for the thorax of the insect, and the third shape is for the abdomen. Once those are drawn add the gui   

Step 2.

To start step two you will first need to sketch out the shape of the hornets face and or nose which looks like the tip of an arrow. Next draw the mean looking mouth and eye lines as well as the antennas. You will end this step by drawing the outside    

Step 3.

Sketch in the detailing shape of the antennas and then sketch out some of the fuzz that is back of the hornets head. Give this bug some eyes and then draw the strips on the muzzle. Add teeth lines and then draw out the torso shape and the abdomen sha   

Step 4.

Finish sketching out the right arm, hand and fingers. When that is draw you can draw the strips on the hornets abdomen and then draw out the stinger which should look sharp and painful.

Step 5.

All you have to do here is sketch in some detailing and definition for the chest and then the veins in the wings. Draw the left arm and hand and then start erasing all the guidelines you drew in step one.

Step 6.

This is how your hornet should come out looking like when you are done. Color in your yellow-jacket and then you have finished this lesson on "how to draw a hornet" step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 17, 2009
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Description: Bumble bees, wasps, and all other kinds of insects that sting are probably some of the most annoying pest ever to encounter. This lesson is going to show you "how to draw a hornet" step by step. The hornet looks a lot like a bee except they are skinnier and longer then the bee. Hornets do sting and when they do, it is very painful to humans. The ones that look like bees are called “yellow jackets”. How about that age old question, “what is the difference between a wasp and a hornet”? The answer to that question is simple, but before I go there, let me say that two insects are from the Vespa family. Hornets and wasps are very similar in size and shape. The hornet that I will be showing you how to draw is really cool and animated instead of realistic. Hornets are probably one of the popular insects that are used as mascots, for body art, and for clothing art as well. I think that this bug came out awesome and I personally recommend that you guys tackle this lesson on “how to draw a hornet” step by step. I shall leave once more but have no fear I will return. Peace out and happy drawing.