How to Draw a Flea

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Start with a circle for the back end of the body, and then draw a bullet shaped tip for the head. You will then end this step by drawing three very long leg lines.


You will now start sketching out the layered scales that you see here that make up the flea's body form. Once this is done you can sketch in the small hairs that they have on top of their bodies.


Draw an eye, and then sketch out the three tentacle like mouth parts as you see here. Next draw the underside of the insect, and then start sketching out the front legs, and the middle legs. In all reality, the flea has three different sets of legs,    


For your last drawing step what you will need to do first is draw the full shape of the abdomen. Draw the detailing lines, as well as the back layered scales. Next and lastly, sketch out the rest of the legs and then add small hairs that are sporadic   


This is how you insect looks when you're done. Color it in, and then you have a finished sketch on "How to draw a flea, step by step".

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March 14, 2010

Description: There are all sorts of insects that can either be a pest to us humans and animals, or they can be beautiful and sometimes even graceful as they move about through the skies, trees, and grass. I think I expressed to you all that the mosquito is one of the annoying bugs that I absolutely can not stand. With spring and summer drawing near, there is another critter that will be out and about attacking people and our pets as well as other animals that live in the wild. This tutorial is going to show you "how to draw a flea" step by step. The flea is an extremely small insect that can be difficult to see or find. What's amazing about this bug, is the fact that they have been in existence for millions of years. And for millions of years they have been feeding off humans, and animals as they suck up blood to keep themselves alive. Naturally the flea live outdoors. In most cases it is a household pet that brings the annoying bloodsucker into our homes. While they set up new residence and invade our lives, the percentage of where the flea congregates gets broken up into category's. They no longer all build comfy homes in the coats of our feline or K-9 friends. Only about five percent of fleas will stay with animals, and the rest build condos in the carpets, sofas and even our beds. Did you know just one female flea can lay up to two thousand eggs during her entire life cycle? Yup, that's true. Because of this, it is extremely hard to rid a home of a flea infestation. The hard part about killing these insects is not only the fact that they multiply so easily, but also they can go without blood for about one hundred days. Remember when I said that they are wicked small bugs? Well, to explain how small they are, I will be more specific. The flea is about one eighth of an inch big, and they have relatively flat bodies. When buying a product for your pets to try and keep fleas off, you will notice that the tick is another critter that pairs well with the flea. They actually coexist pretty well. Maybe that's because they are both bloodsuckers, and they are both almost the same color. No matter how you look at it, this is definitely a bug that I will have to try and keep under control because I have two dogs that can be inviting carriers. Drawing a flea is going to be easy. I found a simple looking version online to use as a reference to make drawing this bug a snap. I will be back later so keep a look out for more drawing fun.

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