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How to Draw a Heart Tattoo

Artist: Dawn / January 27, 2011
How to Draw a Heart Tattoo

Step 1.

Begin your first step with a very simple heart drawing. The heart can take any kind of shape whether it be arched out or in a bit, a chunky or slender heart, it really doesn't matter it's all based on your preference.

Step 2.

You will now begin drawing out the beginning parts to the wings by drawing out the very tall arm of the wing like you see here. They should come out looking like wavy tentacles and they should be drawn in from the sides of the heart.

Step 3.

Now start drawing out the feathers like you see here. The best way to start each wing is to draw the largest feather first, and work your way down until the feathers get smaller.

Step 4.

Now begin sketching out the inner feather like you see here. This will add texture and body to the wings so they look full, and lively.

Step 5.

The last drawing step is simple, what you need to do is draw in yet another row of feathers and then draw a few loose feather falling to the ground. Erase any messed up lines to clean up the drawing and thicken the heart shape too.

Step 6.

When you are done you should end up with an amazing drawing of a tattoo heart with a pair of fluttering wings. I hope you had fun with this tutorial, now you can move onto something else. Don't forget to add some color too.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 27, 2011
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Tags: how to draw hearts
Description: Before I submit anymore “for kids” tutorials, I wanted to make a lesson that would be a good concept to draw for Valentine’s Day which is approaching very soon. This submission is going to show you "how to draw a heart tattoo", step by step. I think you will enjoy this heart design because it is being carried by a pair of beautiful wings that are slender, but full. It’s going to be a fairly easy tutorial to follow and replicate because all you are doing is drawing out a heart, and then sketching in some wings. The sleek design of this tattoo is perfect for a woman that is looking to get a nice inking job on her ankle, shoulder, wrist, or even somewhere on the chest. I personally wouldn’t get anything tattooed on my chest because for a woman, it is an area that is extremely painful. That and the foot area. Someday soon I will be filling a request on a tattoo design that has to do with religion. I don’t want to say what it is because I know for a fact that almost everyone will love the idea. Anyways, have fun with this tutorial that is going to show you with ease, "how to draw a tattoo heart". It’s a nice change from the kids’ stuff that I have been putting up lately, and don’t worry I’m almost done with the themed phase. Peace out people and have fun!